Woke Hack Elle Duncan Becoming Most Unlikable Person At ESPN

ESPN is ground zero for unlikable "talents." From race-baiting, multi-failure Bomani Jones to deranged idiot Mark Jones to the very unpleasant Sarah Spain. But it seems that Elle Duncan is now leading even that pack of detestable wolves. As deserving as Keith Olbermann was of his 2022 Woke Challenge win, Duncan could have easily won it as well. Luckily, she is able to claim the Woke Hack of the Day award this afternoon, and perhaps enter 2023 as the Woke Challenge favorite. She first came on our woke radar back in March when she interrupted an NCAA Women’s Tournament game to denounce a Florida bill that protects third graders from talking about sex with adult teachers. Now, many of us are waiting for Duncan to express equal outrage over the NBA teaming up with the United Arab Emirates. After all next season, the NBA will play a game in the UAE, a country in which homosexuality is illegal and punishable by death. However, Duncan doesn't have anything to say about that injustice. It apparently hasn't crossed her mind. We examined Duncan in a piece on Wednesday: Duncan is a corporate stooge who dishonestly uses her platform to launder her brand through woke politics. She feigned outrage over the Florida law because it was trendy and hip amongst the Twitter crowd, her primary fan base.However, condemning the NBA for partnering with homophobic assassins is risky. As pampered as Duncan is at the network, holding an ESPN league partner accountable could have consequences.Duncan is not an activist or a risk-taker, as she purports to be. She’s an opportunist, rising the ranks at ESPN by mouthing the right politics.fanJen Psaki Liz Cambage Joy Behar Discovery Alec BaldwinJoy Reid Stephen A. Smith Rex ChapmanTaylor Lorenz (twice)LeBron JamesKamala HarrisBomani JonesStephen Colbert.

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