Woke Liz Cambage Allegedly Told Team Nigeria to go Back to ‘Third World Country’

I’m starting to think WNBA player Liz Cambage isn’t the role model that she says she is.

Saturday, Jenna O’Hea, who was Cambage’s former captain on Team Australia, told ABC Sport that Cambage started a brawl with Team Nigeria during a practice session for the Olympics in the summer of 2021.

Over what were they fighting? O’Hea says Cambage told her Nigerian opponents to go back to their “third world country.”

Former NBA center Andrew Bogut followed up Monday, telling an Australian radio station that Cambage had more to say to Team Nigeria than just that.

“You’ve just got the PG version, there was much more than that,” Bogut responded to O’Hea’s claim. “I’m just glad someone’s come out and said it.”

Though no one in the media will hold her accountable, they are busy using her on the cover of magazines, Cambage has quite the series of episodes over the past year.

Last May, before Cambage made a racist remark to Team Nigeria, she complained on social media that Team Australia had too many white girls on it. Cambage didn’t like that.

Cambage next violated COVID protocols, ones she supported publicly, and got into a physical altercation.

Finally, she posted a video on Instagram saying that if a coach is to criticize her game, that coach better not be white and male and short.

“If there’s one thing about me is that I will never let a man disrespect me [screams EVAH], especially a little white one,” Cambage said.

Cambage: shut up and coach, little white men.

Also Cambage: go back to your dumpy country, women of color.

Liz Cambage, an idol for all young girls who want to hoop.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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