Self-Described ‘Big B–ch’ WNBA Player Is Triggered By Coach’s Weight Comment

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By now you guys know that if I’m blogging about the WNBA, it has to be an absurd story or news that the NBA has decided to pull the plug and quit funding the league. No, the league isn’t going out of business, despite the fact that after 25 years in operation, the WNBA still hasn’t turned a profit. This time, we’re addressing the equality side of the business. This is about the ability of WNBA coaches to s–t talk to opponents during games.

According to self-described “big old b–tch” Liz Cambage, who is listed at 6’8, 216 lbs. on the league’s site, Connecticut Sun head coach Curt Miller completely disrespected her during a game Sunday against her Las Vegas Aces.

“If there’s one thing about me is that I will never let a man disrespect me [screams EVAH], especially a little white one,” Cambage said on Instagram.

“So to the coach of Connecticut — I’m sorry, little sir man, I do not know your name. But the next time you try to call out a referee trying to get a call being like, ‘C’mon, she’s 300 pounds,’ I’m going to need you to get it right baby.”

“I’m weighing 235 pounds and I’m very proud of being a big b—h, big body, big benz, baby. So don’t ever try to disrespect me or another woman in the league.”

The big b–tch wasn’t done with Miller.

“Anyway to that little man — whole little, tiny, like where is you? — stop trying to project your insecurities baby. Pick up the phone, call the psych, because you projecting some bulls–t right now. And next time you try to disrespect me, remember, I’m 235,” she said. “It might seem like 300 pounds to your little ass. I’m 235, baby.”

Miller has since issued an apology, he’s bending the knee, saying he’s sorry for making the 300-pound comment, etc., etc. Uh, ladies, how are we going to gain equality in the WNBA if coaches aren’t allowed to talk s–t during games?

If you’re going to describe yourself time and time again as being a “big b–tch,” then there shouldn’t be a problem when some little white guy uses it to get a call. This is basketball 101. Let’s face it, your “big old b–tch” ass is too soft.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Can you imagine any white person EVER getting away with saying, “….especially a black one….”???? The way she says “especially a little white one” with such ease … not at all self conscious or worried about it.
    This culture, today, is explicitly, hard core anti-white. (as opposed to this mysterious, underground, hard-to-find, implicitly racist “system” that we are supposed to believe exists on faith alone)

  2. It says a lot about someone when their first instinct is to get on Instagram and run their mouth about a person behind their back when they have an issue. You can tell they were raised right! Stay classy.

  3. Anti white racism is totally acceptable nowadays. It’s very wrong but it just goes to show you the racism industrial complex works in direction only. Secondly, this woman calls herself a “Big b*tch” but is triggered by an off the cuff remark about her weighing 300lbs…..😑

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