CNN and HBO Are Worse Off Under Discovery

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Warner Bros. Discovery says it will focus on restoring truth and credibility across CNN, HBO and Discovery, the three primary brands the company controls.

Yet the company’s actions signal a far different vision. Here’s what Discovery is up to these days:

— The Discovery+ streaming service will launch a new series this summer called Generation Drag. The show will feature five teens on their journey onto the drag queen stage.

The idea is to normalize children and teens “transitioning” from one gender to another and then parading their sexuality about on stage to satisfy the demands of perverted adults.

“I discovered drag at 13,” one of the young boys on the show says.

Some sick stuff going on at Discovery.

— Any plans to unwoke CNN died the moment that management met with crazy bastard Keith Olbermann, as The Wrap reports it did.

Take a good look at what Discovery considers stable:

— To bolster the “truth,” as CNN president Chris Licht calls it, CNN is also considering hiring long-time liar Brian Williams to shred its “fake news” label.

— Nothing says woke hackery like trying to save a brand clearly irredeemable. Look what Discovery plans to save:

— Fresh off a failed friendship with Jussie Smollett, CNN host Don Lemon is getting cozy with another frequent subject on his show, a program of great journalistic integrity:

— If you thought Discovery would focus less on the race of its hosts and more on the interest of its viewers, you thought wrong.

In its first move under Discovery, HBO renewed Race Theory with Bomani Jones, the lowest-rated show in modern HBO history.

HBO, run by Discovery, re-signed Jones just so that he wouldn’t call the company racist.

Keep that in mind fellow CNN, HBO and Generation Drag staffers: make the bosses sweat in fear. If you do, they just may keep you around.

— CNN, Discovery and HBO are brands in decline.

So long, Sopranos, Larry King and American Chopper. These are the days of race-baiters, Don Lemon and drag queens. And if we are really lucky, maybe Keith Olbermann. 

If Warner Bros. Discovery were a person, he or she or zhe would be the wokest hack of them all.

Past hacks include Alec BaldwinJoy Reid, Stephen A. Smith, Rex ChapmanTaylor Lorenz (twice)LeBron JamesKamala HarrisBomani Jones and Stephen Colbert.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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