Jen Psaki Encourages Protesters to Continue Outside Homes of Supreme Court Justices

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Woke Hack of the day goes to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

In response to rowdy pro-choicers protesting outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices and refusing to let Samuel Alito leave his home easily, Jen Psaki says to keep up the good work.

Psaki told the press on Tuesday that the Biden administration continues to encourage protesters to chant and march outside the homes of the justices in the way they have been.

Here’s Psaki to explain:

Notice that Psaki isn’t telling pro-choice advocates to protest outside the Supreme Court. She’s specifically telling them that it’s okay to target the homes of judges as long as they are “peaceful.”

(To be clear: social media did not take Psaki’s words out of context. Here’s her full statement on why she hopes to see mobs continue to surround the homes of the justices.)

The law that Tim Pool is referring to is 18 U.S.CSection 1507, which states that it’s a federal crime to protest near the residence of a judge or jury with the intent to influence their decisions in pending cases.

And while protesters could theoretically claim in court they had no intent to sway an opinion and were only venting their anger, it’s nonetheless reckless for Psaki to support such behavior.

If these protests turn out violent, as most woke outrage gatherings do, Psaki and the media should be complicit.

MSNBC hired a gem in Psaki, that’s for sure.

Past hacks include Liz Cambage, Joy Behar, Discovery  Alec BaldwinJoy Reid, Stephen A. Smith, Rex ChapmanTaylor Lorenz (twice)LeBron JamesKamala HarrisBomani Jones and Stephen Colbert.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. The same lady who called riots “peaceful protests” is now encouraging “peaceful protests” against Supreme Court justices at their homes. After decrying the evils of doxxing people who agree with her politically. And I’m sure Kamala Harris will post bail for these “peaceful protesters” if their protests get overly peaceful.

    Just another day in the Biden administration’s defense of democracy

  2. Fair call, Psaki doesn’t get shot down anywhere near often enough for defending or deflecting the Ole Dementia Joe and his drivel, or the daily rubbish from woke Rainbow House. She’s a sanctimonious mouthpiece riding a cushion of gallery noddies and it’s time for her to be called out.
    You can’t have a mouthpiece deflect Hunter questions as not relevant as he doesn’t work at the WH and show photos of him getting out of Marine one!
    She’s responsible for those comments, treat her like Trumps press got treated!

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