Joy Behar Says Supreme Court Might Bring Back Racial Segregation in Schools

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Update: Joy Behar is now calling for a sex strike.

“We [women] have more power than we think we have, and some of it could be right in the bedroom.”

I had predicted Whoopi Goldberg would be the first angry View lady to claim an OutKick Woke Hack of the day award. Instead, Joy Behar beat her to it.

Tuesday, Behar announced that she’s getting worried that if the Supreme Court overturns Roe. v Wade that the Court would next re-establish racial segregation in American schools.

“It sounds to me that they all felt there was precedence and they would honor the precedent,” Behar said. “And now the opposite is happening, not that I was surprised. We saw this coming. My worry that this is just the beginning, next they will go after gay marriage and maybe the Board v. — what is it, Brown v. Board of Education. They already eroded our voting rights a little bit. So I see some — I see fascism down the line, I don’t know.”


“Yeah,” that’s right,” Goldberg says, enlightened by Behar’s analysis. 

Segregation could be coming to a school near you, decries Behar. So you better support packing the Court.

The View has always been, next to ReidOut, of the two dumbest shows on television. But the program has undeniably worsened as ABC struggled to find its next non-woke token to replace Meghan McCain, who departed the show last year.

Behar’s take on the Supreme Court draft leak might not even be the dumbest take on The View over the past two weeks. That title still belongs to Sunny Hostin, who said that Elon Musk spent $44 billion on Twitter to encourage straight white men to be straight white men online. Whatever that means.

I’ve never been one to tell people where or how to get their news. There are many sources to choose from, only a few of which are credible. That said, I do recommend not educating yourself about the ramifications of the Court overturning Roe v. Wade from halfwits like Joy Behar.

Past hacks include Discovery  Alec Baldwin, Joy Reid, Stephen A. Smith, Rex Chapman, Taylor Lorenz (twice), LeBron James, Kamala Harris, Bomani Jones and Stephen Colbert.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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