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Rookie mistake on the lawn

I have a confession to make. I mowed my grass, well part of it anyway, yesterday.

Now before I get labeled some sort of maniac who doesn’t mow on Thursdays let me try to explain how this all went down.

It was a combination of weather and outsourcing of the mowing responsibilities a couple of weeks ago that came back to bite me. A rookie mistake? Perhaps.

I do my best in the yard department, but admittedly I’m not close to the level of skill displayed by the elite mowers in the Thursday Night Mowing League and somewhere along the way I dropped the ball with my eldest.

My troubles started a couple of weeks ago when he – the eldest – was looking for a little walking around money and I agreed to let him mow the yard. The kid’s a decent enough mower, but he hates edging.

I should have known he didn’t do it, but by the time I realized we were several days post-mow and it slipped my mind. No big deal I thought, I’ll hit it next week.

Well Thursday rolled around last week and it was too wet to mow. By now the edging was well overdue and needed to be hit in the worst way.

It had to wait. I was going to have to mow over the weekend. Between working and more rain it just wasn’t possible.

That takes me to yesterday. The edging being well overdue at this point required me to fire up the lawnmower. The backyard needed it the most and so did the edging around the fence.

So with it being my day off, minus Monday morning’s Screencaps, I went to work and avoided a nasty home owner’s association letter in the process.

Through the whole process I’ve learned a valuable lesson. I’m going to start the little one early on the importance of edging, nurture a passion for it and make up for where I failed with my eldest.

Barnes and Noble in Missouri

• John B. writes:

Guess I won’t shop there anymore

Barnes And Noble Missouri

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Targeting kids with a display at a bookstore is certainly a stupid game.

Parents aren’t playing around when it comes to their kids and some of them are going to choose, as John B. has, to do business elsewhere.

Wife’s dying wish is to sleep with her ex

I shared a story yesterday about a husband who was searching for some advice about his wife’s dying wish to sleep with her ex. The story hit a nerve with one Screencaps reader.

His wife doesn’t have a dying wish to sleep with her ex, but a situation he uncovered a few months ago has him wondering if she might have similar desires.

• L.A. Don writes:

I have been dealing w my own issues as I found out about 9 months ago my wife had met a guy at her gym. (he is also married w 2 small kids). They said it never got physical, but only emotional. Worst part, I found love letters and they even moved over to WhatsApp when they got caught, for two more months until my wife said she cut it completely off in Jan.

This story hits hard because I have actually thought about this type go situation… not that my wife is dying. But if she was, would she want me to be the last guy she slept with?

We have been married for 13+ years and have 3 small kids. I have been building a corporate insurance agency, while she is a nurse at the local hospital. Herr excuse, I was too busy building my agency. So, this guy was there saying all the right things… liker a complete douche.

The other issue is, my wife is a solid 8-9 on hate looks category. And no, I am not inflating this. She is also 8 years younger as I am 46. She’s still in here late 30’s.

So the question is, what would I do if I was this guy in your story you posted…

Welp, if this is what she really wanted… I would sort of help her do it. Because, if this is what she wants, then she shall have it… while she was away plugging this guy, I would pack EVERYTHING of mine and be gone but the time she got home. Not even a second thought leaving her either. If you think about it, it’s really not that hard of a decision. She CHOSE to be with another man, and thats exactly what I would give her.

The big question here that no one seems to be asking is… what if this ‘other’ guy doesnt want to sleep with her? This is why she is such an idiot if she does not know.. because not only does her husband want to kill himself over this new development, but the other guy may not want to get near her as well. Im also going to take a stab that this guy dumped her years ago… because what woman AFTER 10 years still thinks about a guy SHE DUMPED… so its only logical she got dumped and never let the guy go…

What a dumb woman, all the way around. I wonder if they have kids. Those poor kids…

L.A. Don added that his “wife’s boyfriend” is married to a big time porn actress from the early 2000s. I had to know more and reached back out for a follow-up.

It turns out that the former porn star, who will remain nameless, had no idea what her husband was up to, not until Don broke the news to her anyway. Now he’s pals with her as they’ve bonded over their spouses’ relationship.

The two are attempting to make things work with their respective spouses. Best of luck to both of them.

The latest on Brianna Ruffalo

L.A. Don wasn’t going to end on the story about himself and decided to send over an update on “LA’s hottest smoke show weather gal” Brianna Ruffalo.

Here’s the latest. As you can see Brianna is still crushing her weather updates:


What a start to a Tuesday morning. Have a great day and remember that if your wife has an emotional affair you might just end up being friends with a former porn star as a result.

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