Terrell Owens Says What We’re All Thinking About Carson Wentz And Jimmy Garoppolo

Carson Wentz is NOT Terrell Owens’ quarterback.

The Hall of Fame receiver believes the Washington Commanders made a huge mistake trading for Wentz over the offseason, and instead should have traded for San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo.

And by huge mistake, I mean Terrell Owens things Wentz flat out STINKS. 

“Y’all would’ve been better off with Jimmy Garoppolo, to be quite honest,” Owens told Josina Anderson and Fred Smoot on an Audacy Podcast. “I don’t understand why you feel like Carson Wentz is the answer.

“Carson Wentz hasn’t been the answer in either of the last two or three stops that he’s been. I get you were employed once by the Washington franchise organization, but you’re being political with the stiff answers right about now.”

Is Carson Wentz washed up?
Carson Wentz was horrible in Washington Commanders loss on Sunday and Terrell Owens is done with him. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Should Commanders have traded for Jimmy Garoppolo instead of Carson Wentz?

Wentz was miserable in last week’s loss to Philadelphia, taking nine sacks in a 24-8 drubbing. At one point, Washington trailed 24-2.


The former Eagle and Colt actually started the year pretty strong, throwing for 650 yards and seven touchdowns in the first two games.

Wentz, 29, is on his third team in three years, and our guy Terrell Owens has seen enough!

“This is what we get from Carson Wentz. We probably have seen the best of Carson Wentz when he was with the Philadelphia Eagles. That’s just the honesty and the reality of it,” Owens continued.

“Every stop that he’s been, you’ve seen glimpses of what he could be but there’s no consistency. And I think we all can agree with that with his play. No matter how good of a God-given talent he has, it’s not showing up on game day, on Sundays the way it should be.”

Jimmy Garoppolo nearly left the 49ers over the offseason.
Jimmy Garoppolo was close to be a Washington Commander this year. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Sunday that the Commanders actually had the parameters for a Garoppolo trade lined up last offseason, but his shoulder surgery nixed it.

Smoot, a former second round pick with the Commanders, called the report hogwash!

“That’s a lie. Coach Rivera cleared that up,” Smoot told Owens. “Rivera kept it 100, saying it was a damn lie. They only want to talk about this now because Garoppolo gotta be their quarterback so they gotta make sure their ex-girlfriend feels like she’s wanted. They’re trying to say we wanted Jimmy first instead of Carson.”

Written by Zach Dean

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