Pansexual Singer Janelle Monáe Says She Now Identifies As A ‘Free-ass Motherf––er’ Who Is Happier When Her ‘T––ties Are Out’

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I’m not an expert on pansexuals, but it sure sounds like Janelle Monáe is down for whatever.

The singer, who says she’s non-binary, pansexual and uses she/her, them/them and “free-ass motherf–ker” pronouns, has been awarded the high honor of gracing the cover of the 2023 Rolling Stone Pride issue where she dumped out her biological female “titties.”

Now 37, Monáe has clearly made it to that stage of life where she’s done caring what uptight “motherf–kers” think about her “free-ass motherf–ker” lifestyle. And you’re damn right she’s gonna dump out the “titties.”

“I’m much happier when my titties are out, and I can run around free,” Monáe, who has an album coming out, said during her Rolling Stone interview.

After years of not being recognized for having her titties producing so much content, fans were left wondering what the hell is going on with Janelle Monáe. She says this is a new way of life and she’s loving it. It’s also a new way of selling albums. “The Age of Pleasure,” her new album, will be released June 9 and it’s time to sell it to the public.

“Most people don’t understand what’s going on in my brain. Community has been so helpful to me; it’s beautiful that I have a title called ‘The Age of Pleasure’ because it actually re-centers me,” she said of the new album. “It’s not about an album anymore. I’ve changed my whole f–king lifestyle.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise if we one day find Monáe surfacing in a Costa Rican jungle with the Aaron Rodgers ayahuasca crew. Janelle says she’s a changed woman.

“I want things to feel so true to my life … I used to consider myself a futurist. I know what that means, to obsess about the next thing. A present tourist is what I’m calling myself right now. I’m actively focusing on being present,” she added.

It’s time to text Rodgers, girlfriend.

Monáe was given the huge honor (if it was 1998) to grace the cover of the Rolling Stone Pride issue, but in a wild twist that is so not 2023, the pansexual singer says this new album isn’t about taking a stand on LGBTQ++ (I’ve lost track of all the letters and symbols being used these days) battles.

“This album is not about a fight,” she concluded. “It’s about living in an oasis created by us for us. Even with everything going on in the world, this is our moment to breathe together, unapologetically taking this beat to enjoy — to hurry up and live.”

Ah, imagine that, someone in her late 30s no who is ready to get busy living. Now that’s a beautiful thing. Keep living free and dumping out the titties, Janelle. It’s good for society to get back to its roots.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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