Jimbo Fisher Says NIL Wasn’t A Factor In Texas A&M 2022 Recruiting Class, ‘One Guy Has A NIL Deal’

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The ongoing drama involving Jimbo Fisher and NIL at Texas A&M doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon, especially after the drama of last week involving Nick Saban. The Aggies head coach is adamant that Name, Image and Likeness had nothing to do with the Aggies 2022 recruiting class and he’s sticking by his guns.

In an interview KSAT 12’s Greg Simmons, Jimbo Fisher made it a point to blame the media for all the attention that the Aggies are currently getting about NIL deals for the early enrollees of the 2022 class. It’s a bit odd for Jimbo to continue acting like NIL is not a factor in the program, while continuing to act clueless about what goes on around his program. Fisher tried to make it very clear that of the eleven early enrollees, only one has a deal in place.

“I keep saying this about recruiting, and I just researched this, of the eleven guys we have in place, that came in early, one guy has an NIL deal. So all these stories you’re hearing are just lies. It was written on social media and it all started with the Bro-Bible ‘sliced bread’ deal, so everybody believed it.

“Nick, all the people obviously believed it”,  Fisher added. “I went and checked with our compliance people, because we have nothing to do with it, one guy of the early enrollees.”

During the four minute interview, Fisher continued to hammer home that Greg Simmons and others in the media were duped and did not do their homework on the Aggies signing class, pertaining to NIL.

“I said that awhile ago back, why I made the original one back in February, when they said we had $35 Million in the thing, it’s all false. It was written on social media, so everybody believes it. You got news channels believing it, had big people believing it and you believed it.”

Fisher went on to tussle with the reporter on if any research was done on the matter, constantly telling someone off to the side, most likely the SID, that he had it under control. It felt as if Jimbo was trying to go on the offensive, but blaming everything that has gone on in the last five months on the media is not the right way to attack this.

We’ve seen countless coaches talk about embracing NIL and open to discussing what’s going on in college athletics with the new rules, but Fisher seems to be on the defensive more so than not. I don’t think Fisher was the bad guy last week when discussing Nick Saban, but I do think he needs to wakeup and realize that folks aren’t buying his answers anymore. He continues to make it worse on himself by playing dumb when it comes to what’s going on with NIL around his campus.

This becomes an even bigger story when coaches at other schools are showing up for events surrounding NIL. This past weekend in Gainesville, the ‘Gator Collective’ held an event to raise awareness and funds where multiple players and even a few coaches showed up to show support. This is just one example of athletic departments embracing the new era in college sports, but Jimbo continues to act like he has no idea of what’s actually going on.

For the first time during this interview, the Texas A&M head coach actually brought facts about NIL, even though it was for defensive purposes. If we’re going to continue playing this game, he needs better material. It’s ok to say NIL plays a small part in building an organization, you won’t offend anybody. But the days of acting like this isn’t happening are over.

Jimbo Fisher made it clear during this interview that he doesn’t think folks are doing their job when it comes to reporting about Texas A&M and NIL, putting it on the media for blowing up a story that was never true to begin with, in his eyes.

“Nobody wants the truth, you want a story and a click and a hit”

Written by Trey Wallace

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  1. Jimbo playing the classic “deflect and deny” defense…gotta win more than 8 games this season champ…and no chickening out of bowl games either. Looking forward to Jimbo’s press conference after the beatdown they’re getting on October 8th.

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