French ‘Kardashian’ Butt Cop Goes Viral & Investigators Believe They’ve Identified The New Sensation

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It’s real!

The Internet has concluded its investigation into the validity of a French cop’s Kardashian butt and determined that the booty that’s driving the Internet crazy isn’t the creation of some photoshop wizard. That badonk is real, glorious, and has ordinary citizens ready to risk committing a non-violent felony if it means being arrested by Kardashian cop.

The policewoman popped up on the Internet’s radar after she appeared in a photo where the “mutilator dentist” was arrested for a scheme where he would give clients “celebrity smiles,” but instead they were mutilated.

Who is the French Kardashian cop?

Internet investigators believe Marseille police officer Nadine Djelassi is the woman driving people nuts in the arrest photos. As of Wednesday afternoon, she had locked her Instagram account as thousands of new followers poured in as she became a viral sensation.

I am about to commit the same crime in the same hood,” one Twitter joker wrote this week.

I stopped rapping and re-offended,” another thirsty fan typed.

The hits just kept coming from those who couldn’t believe their eyes. Here are more of the greatest hits:

What exactly do they put in French police rations.”

I would steal a croissant every single day just to have this woman come and arrest me.”

I support Police officers continuing to take 90% of our tax dollars as long as it’s strictly going towards BBLs.”

Nadine Djelassi via Facebook
Internet investigators say Nadine Djelassi is the viral star now known as Kardashian Cop / Facebook
Internet investigators say Nadine Djelassi is the viral star now known as Kardashian Cop & they’re ready to be arrested / Facebook

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