U.S. Air Force Cadets Undergo ‘Gender-Inclusive Training’ That Bans Word ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’

Today, we check in on the Air Force.

There, cadets are undergoing “gender-inclusive training.” Air Force trainers are instructing members to drop the words “mom” and “dad” from their vocabulary immediately.

Just as hurtful as “mom” and “dad” are the words “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.” According to the program, Air Force cadets must use “partner” instead.

The course also tells them that when they see a man or a woman to never, never ever assume their gender. “Ask people what they “call themselves rather than assuming,” the material reads.

It’s unclear if cadets see an old man if they are allowed to assume he’s old.

Have you ever used the phrase “you guys”? Because that isn’t gender-inclusive enough either. In the Air Force, the rule-makers say to use gender-neutral terms like “squaddies,” “folks” and even “y’all.”

Got that, you squaddies?

To show we didn’t write this story in satire, here’s a slide from the Diversity and Inclusion program at the Air Force Academy in Colorado:

I too get chills when I hear someone ask a person about their mother as if it’s a guarantee one of their parents is a woman.

The air service branch of the United States Armed Forces is training cadets on how to address people unsure of their gender. That ought to make you feel more comfortable about our air protection.

Nothing makes the U.S. Air Force more intimidating than a group of men and women who can’t call themselves men and women.

We, more than any other nation, can fight a war with preferred pronouns.

Column: History Will Not Be Kind To This Bizarro World.

Bill Maher often says that if you are making a change that sounds like a headline in The Onion, then stop immediately and reassess. As I discussed with Brian Kilmeade on Fox News Radio Friday, gender-inclusive training at the Air Force sounds like a headline in The Onion.

Imagine telling someone five years ago that the Air Force would disapprove of the words “mom” and “dad” in the name of gender inclusion.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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