Will Levis’ Girlfriend Rocks American Bikini, Sex At Phillies Game, Sajak Gets Kissed, CNN Host Grabs Internet’s Attention

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Happy NFL schedule release day — otherwise known as the day where the league has a big reveal show at 8 p.m. that nobody watches because by that time we’ve known the schedule for six hours. You think great American Gia Duddy — Will Levis’ smoke girlfriend — is sitting around waiting all day for the Titans’ schedule?

Nope. Our girl doesn’t have time for that and neither do we. Society needs things ASAP nowadays, and one of the great traditions still alive in the country is leaking the entire schedule throughout the day and ferociously refreshing Twitter Dot Com for the latest news.

If I’m being honest, NFL schedule release day is one of my favorite days of the year. I’d put it above the draft AND the start of the new league year in March where all the free agents sign. Seriously.

Now, did I envision waiting eight months for football only for the league to put the Detroit Lions on NBC for Game 1 of 272? Nope. Would I have preferred pretty much any other team? Sure. Hell, I would’ve taken Gia Duddy, Will Levis, and the terrible Titans over Lions-Chiefs.

But hey, a bad NFL game is still better than a good anything else, so fire up Queen Carrie Underwood and give me the Collinsworth slide right into some Jared Goff primetime action.

Speaking of sliding, let’s get to Will Levis’ girlfriend graduating from Penn State, destroying her liver and wearing an American flag bikini.

Will Levis’ girlfriend Gia Duddy continues her hot streak

What better way to ring in a shiny new NFL schedule than by welcoming our newest WAG to the party?

Gia Duddy — a Nightcaps OG, by the way — has been stealing our hearts ever since Will Levis fell in the draft, and the content bender doesn’t seem to be a fluke.

She’s the real deal, fellas — and she’s coming.

Exhibit A:


proud to be an american🇺🇸🦅🍻

♬ Church Bells by Carrie Underwood – Mark

Goodness gracious, Gia! Welcome to the NFL.

Again, Nightcaps has been on Gia for weeks now — well before the other copycats out there. You know who you are.

So yes, we take pride when she makes us look smart, and this latest bender has made us look like damn geniuses.

Just last week, Gia was out melting hearts during Penn State’s senior week, declaring war on her liver. A few days later, she promptly graduated and embarked on her new live as an NFL WAG in Nashville.

Don’t know if that city is ready for Gia Duddy, but ready or not, here she comes.



senior week starts now!

♬ original sound – 🎧

Vanna White’s son goes for it with Maggie Sajak

I know Anthony discussed Maggie Sajak taking over Wheel of Fortune yesterday, but we had a massive development during last night’s show.

While most of you lunatics were watching Trump make a mockery out of CNN, I was locked in on 29-year-old Maggie over on WOF. And guess what? It’s a good thing I was, because Vanna White’s son smelled blood in the water.

Hey, Nikko — back off, pal. And Vanna, let’s try to be a tad less obvious, huh?

Anyway, we may be able to put any Sajak-White rumors to bed before they even get off the ground. Upon further review, the internet tells me Nikko may be gay.

And by may be, definitely (probably) is.

CNN host Kaitlan Collins gets toasted by Trump, but wins over the internet

What a WILD turn that took, huh? See — you don’t get these kind of twists anywhere else. It’s why Nightcaps is being called the modern day 24.

Side note: Kiefer Sutherland has a new series out — Rabbit Hole — and it’s awesome. Welcome back, Jack Bauer.

Anyway, a lot of you obviously missed heartthrob Maggie on Wheel last night because you were watching CNN get hilariously stuffed in a locker by Donald J. Trump. Kudos for CNN for having him on, but it went sideways pretty much right off the bat.

We don’t talk politics here at NC, though. Not my lane — unless you decide to put a transgender on a beer can. Then it’s game on.

While CNN’s Kaitlan Collins got absolutely owned by Trump and was widely criticized by the left for not asking tougher questions, she did win over the hearts of most Americans for obvious reasons …

She ain’t bad on the eyes.

I could go on and on and on — there are no shortage of horny guys on the internet.

Anyway, another star was born last night thanks to the world wide web, adding to its already impressive resume over the last calendar year.

We had JJ McCarthy’s girlfriend go viral during the college football playoffs, Masters Girl melt hearts at Augusta last month, Gia Duddy AND Kelley Levis at the NFL Draft and now this.

We’d all be so much better off, so much happier, if making stars was the only thing the internet did.

Garth Brooks is done with cell phones at his concerts

Trump coming with his own receipts was hilarious. Love him or hate him — and there ain’t an in between any more — you can’t say the guy doesn’t know how to work a room. Imagine Joe Biden going on FOX for an hour?

No shot.

And while Trump may be a big Truth Social guy, you won’t be able to use that — or any other social media service — while you’re listening to Garth Brooks sing about banging older women this summer.

(If you’re a Garth fan, you get that reference. If you’re not, you’re lost, but that’s OK.)

Garth Brooks will launch his new Las Vegas residency on May 18, and there will be a strict no-cell phone policy enforced.

According to an update from Ticketmaster, the Garth Brooks/ Plus ONE residency is a “phone-free experience.” 

Upon entering the show, attendees will be forced to put their phones in a locked Yondr pouch for the duration of the event.

The Ticketmaster website states: “Anyone caught using a cellphone during the performance will be removed from the venue.”

I’ve been to one Garth Brooks concert, and it was great. I also despise concerts and don’t understand why the hell anyone would want to go listen to someone sing when you can just do it on your phone in like two seconds. Seems so silly to me.

But Garth puts on a great show, so I get it. Love that he’s banning cell phones, too. Phones suck. Bring back the Razr and you may win me over, though.

Ice cream lickers, and sex at Phillies game

Those things were the BEST. Nothing like flipping that bad boy open, firing off a text that took five minutes to write, and heading off to the Blockbuster to pick you out a movie.

Kids today really did get screwed over by missing the 90s and early-2000s. What a damn time.

Anyway, here are some Instagram-famous people licking ice cream and then putting it back to cheer us up.

That little gem was promptly deleted by this couple on Instagram shortly after posting it because it went viral, prompting the POLICE to get involved. From TMZ:

A spokesperson for the Portsmouth Police Department in Virginia tells us a ton of pissed-off people recently made them aware of the video of Tequan Hines and his gf, Asia, grabbing a quart of Blue Bunny ice cream and licking it.

The rep says cops are currently investigating the video to figure out which store the incident might have occurred at, adding, “Thus far no business has come forward as a victim in our jurisdiction.”

There are two types of influencers in the world — the Gia Duddy/Paige Spiranac/Livvy Dunne’s of the world, and these two. You get internet famous both ways, but they’re two very different routes.

I prefer the big boobs and American bikinis road, but to each his own, I reckon.

And hey, turns out Phillies fans are with me!

And on that steamy note, I’ve got to get back to refreshing my Twitter for schedule leaks. And maybe checking in on how much Phillies tickets cost.

Let’s go have a night.

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