Will Levis’ Girlfriend Gia Duddy ‘Destroys Her Liver’ For Penn State Senior Week

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While Will Levis was brushing up on the Titans’ playbook, girlfriend Gia Duddy was enjoying her final days as a college senior.

And it looks like our girl went out with a damn BANG!

Duddy, who became America’s next co-star — along with Will’s sister, Kelley — during last week’s NFL Draft, returned home this week with one thing on her mind: letting it rip with the girls one last time before moving to Nashville and becoming an official NFL WAG.



senior week starts now!

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Will Levis and Gia Duddy are about to crush the NFL

I think our girl Gia — who OutKick, by the way, identified days before the draft — is gonna do just fine in Nashville.

I know Ryan Tannehill’s wife, Lauren, is a smoke in her own right, but a little competition never hurt anybody. And it looks like we’re a few weeks away from a major QB1 competition both on and off the field.

And it looks like Team Gia Duddy and Will are coming in guns blazing if her latest Instagram heaters are any indication.

Will Levis girlfriend Gia Duddy crushes senior week at penn state.

Penn State’s loss appears to very much be Nashville’s gain. The world of NFL WAGS is fierce, though.

You have Olivia Culpo, Emily Mayfield, Brittany Mahomes and whoever the hell Aaron Rodgers is dating on any given day.

Don’t expect Gia Duddy and Will Levis to just walk in Day 1 and move up the charts. It’s a long ladder to climb, with plenty of bumps in the road.

But it looks like our girl is more than up to the challenge.

Written by Zach Dean

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