Coors Brings In Yellowstone Star To Show Bud Light How To Make A Commercial

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It took a while, but Coors is finally joining Yuengling and taking subtle shots at sinking Bud Light.

And they brought in the big guns to do so!

The beer company debuted a brand new commercial Wednesday featuring Yellowstone star Cole Hauser — otherwise known as Rip Wheeler — as they celebrate 150 years on this earth.

Hauser, who narrates the new commercial, shared the ad on his Instagram page. Shockingly (not really), several of his followers took the chance to shred Bud Light.

Dylan Mulvaney or Rip from Yellowstone? Tough choice!

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser helps Coors show Bud Light how to be American

Goodness gracious, what a haymaker to Anheuser-Busch. The sharks are circling and there’s blood in the water!

Speaking of water — BL and AB is taking on plenty of it right now.

April sales were down a staggering 21% for Bud Light, while Anheuser-Busch stock took another major hit Wednesday as investors try to predict the end game to all of this.

Don’t believe me? Try on this quote for size:

“The way this Bud Light crisis came about a month ago, management’s response to it and the loss of unprecedented volume and brand relevance raises many questions,” one Wall Street analyst said.

Meanwhile, pretty much every single other beer on the planet that’s NOT under the AB umbrella is thriving right now.

Miller, Coors, Yuengling and PBR were all up last month — most in the double-digits — while Busch, Budweiser, Natural and, of course, Bud Light, were down.

Combine all of that with this new Coors Banquet commercial — which comes less than two weeks after Bud Light’s disastrous new ad during the NFL Draft — and it may be time to take Anheuser-Busch to the train station.

Written by Zach Dean

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