U.S. Women’s Soccer Team Past Protesting By Kneeling

The United States women’s national soccer team chose to stand for the national anthem on Sunday. According to defender Crystal Dunn, that decision was made because players are “past the protesting phase” of fighting social injustice.

Instead, Dunn says she and her teammates will look to put all of the talk into actual work.

“Even though we are choosing to stand, it doesn’t mean that the conversations go away, or they stop,” Dunn said following a 2-0 win against Brazil. “It’s all to say that we are now, I think, ready to move past the protesting phase and actually move into putting all of the talk into actual work.”

During the previous match against Canada, some players knelt while others chose to stand. But it looks like the team will move forward without the kneeling, which many believe should’ve been the approach all along.

Granted, I thought the argument that’s been made for some time now is that kneeling was putting in the work. That apparently isn’t the case, according to Dunn. Interesting.

This is also quite the development considering the same team demanded back in June that US Soccer apologize to the black players for banning kneeling during the national anthem. They got what they wanted and are now done with the approach less than eight months later.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. They probably are seeing a drop in financial support and attendance.

    Don’t fall for the about face. They still hate America, they just like it when we pay their bills.

    • They said police brutality (you know police reacting when criminals attack them) and systemic racism (an excuse to hate whitey, the nuclear family, and labor in perpetuum)

    • Don’t hold your breath. No one can actually enunciate any societal ills they want to fix its all just for attention and interwebs clout. This was all part of the giant hoax for 4 years to get Orange Man bad out of the oval office. Clear as day.

  2. (prior) We’re they…..

    Kneeling before the anthem?: no.
    Kneeling during anthem/flag? YES**
    kneeling after the anthem? no.

    Okay. so it probably had something to do with the anthem despite the bullshit gaslighting / semantics lie that people kept getting told

  3. You want to put in the work sweeties? How about you relinquish your spots to young black girls and give them a chance to represent their country. When I look at this team I see white privilege in spades. A bunch of white girls who grew up playing in club and travel teams at the tune of thousands of dollars a year. Inner city black families can’t afford that. Their white supremacy gave them an advantage. Give up your spots girls. And donate what money you have earned to sponsor young girls of color so they can play on club and travel teams. If you really care about putting in the work.

    • Hence why America soccer isn’t very good (men’s team that actually matters). That’s another conversation but you are right. All of these women very likely grew up at least upper middle class. Never spent any time with urban kids or poverty.

    • You are absolutely spot on. I was thinking the same thing. All these athletes, politicians and media folks that complain about white privilege should lead by example and give their job to a black person.

  4. I think they received a lot of pressure from somebody to stop doing this. If the NBA gave up “Black Lives Matter” signage on their courts, and they are a powerful and influential sports league, then perhaps US Soccer was put under pressure and the USWNT caved.

  5. maybe disrespecting the nation you represent in front of other less free teams/nations, that are not being disrespected … is just a bridge too far.

    i hear a lot of pro athletes begrudge having to ‘perform’ for an ungrateful and often discriminatory nation. that message is getting around. its affecting college sports too.

    our education system has ruined the brains of many.

    • Great points. Social justice warriors don’t get that their right to “protest” proves the point that this is the best country in the world. Try protesting in China, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc and tell us how shitty this country is. There are 10 countries in the world to where people actually want to emigrate and the USA happens to be one.

  6. I thought we were done hearing about these dykes and i thought Ms purple hair`s 15 minutes were already up.
    I would love to see how much kneeling would be done by this group if they played for China, Russia or any other comi country.

  7. Ha.

    these Chics keep changing their minds and i could care less. you can’t play all sides of an issue and if they don’t put their hand over their hearts and sing the anthem, i won’t watch.

    get ready folks because the mind changing will continue its Fakeness.

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