Tom Brady Talks About Tough Season; Says Quitting Would Be ‘Loser Mentality’

Tom Brady didn’t have to grace us with another season, at the age of 45, but he did. Seven weeks of football later, much of his outlook for 2022-23 has been tossed out the window and forced the GOAT to play an entirely different game on and off the field.

Rather than play in regret after his return basically cost him his marriage, Tom Brady is choosing to showcase some real stones.

Brady appeared on the SiriusXM podcast “Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray,” to discuss the many headlines surrounding his return to the NFL this year; including the failing Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his rumored split with supermodel Gisele Bündchen.


Any other person in Brady’s situation (i.e., losing one of the most beautiful women on earth to come back and carry a depleted Buccaneers team) would have quit.

Tom Brady, Too Tough to Quit. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

TB12 said he welcomes those challenges, and more, with the hope of learning lessons and growing tougher as a result.


“If you look at a loser mentality, you do quit when it gets hard, you do quit when things don’t go your way, and I think the beautiful part about life is the adversities challenge you to figure out who you really are,” Brady said during an episode of the podcast, released Monday.

Without Bruce Arians, a healthy offensive line and wide receiver depth, Brady has had to endure hell to keep the Bucs afloat in 2022.

Rather than letting his personal life interfere with the team’s struggles, Brady is choosing to test his mental pliability to muscle through both situations, until his goal of winning an eighth Super Bowl is met.

“Everyone can be there during the parades, everyone can be there when they’re telling you how great you are,” he said. “[But] who you are when things aren’t great, who you are when things don’t go your way when you face adversity, who are the people who stand by you? That’s what adversities really challenge you to figure out.”

Even at the top, Brady’s proving that he’s still hungry.

Brady has also had to endure a rare pest in former teammate Antonio Brown, whose online jabs at TB12 have been without filter or reason — openly prodding at the team’s lack of success and failing marriage.

Tom Brady, Man on a Mission (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Considering how much Brady endured to get AB on the team, it’s another testament to Brown’s far long-gone sanity. TB12 said he’s received plenty of support from his teammates and friends.

“You’re challenged mentally, physically and emotionally, that’s what sports are about – that’s what life’s about and how you overcome it,” Brady noted. “Do you place blame or how do you accept responsibility?”

Amid all the noise, Brady wants to send a message that he ain’t quitting soon — basically saying he’d rather suffer than quit.

“Everything is challenging and everything is evolving, and you deal with the circumstances as they are,” Brady added. “You deal with them with the right character, with the right values, with the right quality people and personalities that enable you to be successful.”

Brady Stays Mentally Strong (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

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