Insane Stat About Iowa Football’s Terrible Offense Should Be Severely Concerning For Texas A&M

Iowa football has the worst offense in the nation. However, somehow, it has been more effective than Texas A&M in terms of getting into the red zone. That should be a huge concern for the Aggies.

As things currently stand, through the first three games of 2022, Iowa’s offense is ranked 124th in the nation in terms of passing offense. In the run game, it ranks 118th, which is worse than Mississippi State, a team with a pass/run ratio of 42/17 last week.

In total offense, the Hawkeyes sit dead last out of 131 teams. It’s not hard to see why.

Let me reiterate: Iowa football ranks dead last in total offense behind teams like New Mexico State, UMass, Akron and ULM.

Things have gotten so bad in Iowa City that its offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz (the ultimate case of nepotism) has been getting trolled unknowingly by various personalities on Cameo. Even the university’s basketball coach got in on the mix, though he didn’t know he was doing so.

Iowa’s offense is abysmal, but with the red zone, Texas A&M’s offense is worse.

Iowa football has had more success reaching the red zone than Texas A&M, which was considered a Top-10 team to begin the year. Yikes. Big yikes.

After the first three weeks of play, the Hawkeyes have been in the red zone four times. The Aggies have been in the red zone just three times.

Jimbo Fisher and Kirk Ferentz are in a stand-off for worst red zone offense. (Getty Images)

Read that again — Iowa has reached the red zone four times in three games, which is terrible. A&M has reached the red zone three times in three games, which is even worse.

Jimbo Fisher’s team travels to JerryWorld for a rivalry bout with Arkansas over the weekend. If he and Darrell Dickey’s offense doesn’t get into the red zone more often than Ferentz’s offense does at Rutgers… it might be time to pull the ripcord in Panic Station.

Written by Grayson Weir

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