Shirtless Scherzer After The Game: ‘Can’t Talk, I’m Drunk’

Max Scherzer was, quite literally, a vibe on Wednesday night. Fresh off giving the Dodgers 4.1 innings of work during their 3-1 win over the Cardinals in the NL Wild Card game, Scherzer immediately found the booze, and then he found a live mic. You can probably guess what happened next.

TBS analyst Curtis Granderson was interviewing a shirtless Scherzer, champagne goggles draped over his head, before dropping a great sound bite.

“You gotta get rid of this echo,” Scherzer said. “Can’t talk. I’m drunk, whatever.”

Scherzer was already amped up before this, when he went nuts after Chris Taylor hit a walk-off home run to send Los Angeles to the NLDS to face the Giants. Scherzer immediately ran over to just left of home plate where an old friend was sitting, cheering on his former teammates. That would be Nationals outfielder Juan Soto, who showed up in a Nationals Trea Turner jersey, now a member of the Dodgers.

It’s nice to see Scherzer, the biggest psychopath in baseball, lighten up in a moment that truly deserved it. Once stuck in the middle of a Nationals rebuild in July, Scherzer now finds himself spearheading the rotation of the defending World Series champs in October.

Written by Nick Geddes

Nick Geddes is a 2021 graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. A life-long sports enthusiast, Nick shares a passion for sports writing and is proud to represent OutKick.

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