Riley Gaines Slams Nike For Dylan Mulvaney Partnership, Torches ‘Faux-Feminism’ In Wake Of SFSU Incident

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Former University of Kentucky swimmer and women’s rights activist Riley Gaines appeared Tuesday on The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show where she slammed sportswear giant Nike for inking a deal with transgender woman/female caricaturist Dylan Mulvaney.

OutKick founder Clay Travis asked Gaines if she had been approached by Nike for an endorsement deal of her own. That would seem fitting since, as Travis noted, Nike called Mulvaney “brave,” and, in light of recent events, Gaines has shown she possesses that trait.

But alas, Nike has not reached out.

“Oh, goodness no,” Gaines said with a laugh. “And I don’t anticipate that happening. I don’t know if they can understand the mockery (Mulvaney’s deal) makes of women, especially the video of Dylan — I guess portraying what he thinks women look like when we work out — doing jumping jacks and doing different things.

“That is so incredibly degrading, and for Nike to take this stance, they can forget taking my money. And I’ve talked to a lot of female athletes who agree with exactly everything I just said.”

Faux Feminists Like Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird Are ‘Scared’

Gaines also discussed self-avowed feminists like Megan Rapinoe, Sue Bird, and Billie Jean King who advocate for what is effectively a step in the contradictory direction of allowing biological men to compete in women’s sports.

Just hours after torching Rapinoe and Bird on Twitter, Gaines elaborated on how such “faux-feminists” are scared thanks to incidents like the one that happened to her at San Francisco State University.

Gaines said former women’s sports advocates like Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe are “scared.” (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

“Well, to be totally frank, people are scared because look at what just happened to me for saying something as simple as men and women are different,” Gaines said. “That’s easy, right? That’s common sense, yet I was still ambushed. No one wants that to happen to them; no one wants to be labeled as transphobic.

She touched on how women who once blazed trails in women’s sports have now taken a stance detrimental to the very thing they helped build.

“Of course it’s ironic, but they want to be seen as inclusive and kind and accepting and welcoming and loving and all the things — which, of course, who doesn’t want to be seen as those things?

“But — newsflash — it’s not inclusive to allow men to take a podium spot from a woman. It’s exclusive,” she said. “and it’s not kind to allow a male equipped with male genitalia to change in a locker room with girls.

“That’s not kind. That’s not inclusive.”

Gaines Says SFSU Campus Police Were Terrified

The 23-year-old also touched on the harrowing ordeal she faced at San Francisco State University where she was hit by a protestor who she described as a “man dressed as a woman,” and wound up barricaded in a classroom for several hours.

Gaines said the school’s campus police did not attend a scheduled meeting ahead of her speaking engagement. She added they seemed scared to do their jobs out of fear of being labeled as racist.

“They were terrified to do their job,” Gaines said. “To which they pretty openly admitted they didn’t want to be accused of being racist.”

Gaines said that protestors accused campus police of protecting her only because she is white.

“These police were put in a position where they didn’t want to risk their jobs. They didn’t want to be seen as anything other than an ally to that community,” she said. “And so, it did hinder their performance.”

Gaines explained that protestors were demanding money from her in exchange for her safe release.

“The police did nothing,” Gaines said. “They were negotiating with the Dean of Students about my safe passage home.”

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  1. This dude is just so creepy.

    The only decent product I’ve found with Nike is their running shorts, which are overpriced. Haven’t bought a thing from them since their “edgy” Kaepernick boondoggle: Upper middle class kid goes ghetto, seems to be a lot of that going around.

    Bud Light is such crappy beer… it’s cold, wet, cheap, and contains alcohol, but is completely interchangeable with four other cold, wet, cheap, beers. It’s just not a big deal ordering a different brand. What were they thinking?

    I’ll give it a few more months before gays and lesbians have all had enough of these creepy fraudsters, but I could be wrong.

  2. The interview with Riley was outstanding. She is proving herself to be excellent at speaking out on this issue. She was calm, articulate, and engaging, and addressed some major problems, including the unwillingness of the campus police or the university to provide safety. Great commentary from her, and a really good interview by Clay and Buck.

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