Paulina Gretzky Shares An Out Of This World Bikini Pic On Instagram

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Paulina Gretzky is back at it. It’s way too early to tell if she has the content machine fully operational again or if she’s just testing out the waters here. Either way she’s dropped two bikini pictures in the same week.

We haven’t seen production like this from Paulina in a very long time. It’s been so long that a bikini picture of her is considered rare these days. That was unheard of just a couple of years ago.

But it’s true. The bikini picture she posted earlier this week was just the second Instagram post this year of her rocking a bikini.

Dustin Johnson celebrates with wife, Paulina Gretzky, after winning the LIV Golf Invitational - Boston
Dustin Johnson celebrates with wife, Paulina Gretzky, after winning the LIV Golf Invitational – Boston (Photo by Charles Laberge/LIV Golf via Getty Images )

A glimpse of things to come from Paulina Gretzky?

We can’t entirely blame her for that. There was the whole pandemic – you know supply chain issues and all- and a few busy months planning a wedding.

With all that behind her now, and a lighter LIV Golf schedule, we might be in for a return to Paulina cranking out bikini content on more regular basis. That’s the hope anyway.

On Thursday night she was back at it torching Instagram with a well-received follow-up to her “365 days of summer” bikini post. Her latest featured a metallic two-piece swimsuit that she captioned with three spaceship emojis. The look definitely has an out of this world feel to it.

The Johnsons are making all the right moves lately. They married, hopped on the LIV Golf money train, and have already picked up a team and an individual win.

It’s not the PGA Tour so the televised coverage of the events isn’t quite there yet, but the parties and rides on insane private jets more than make up for that.

Oh yeah, and the paychecks. Those are pretty good too.

Paulina Gretzky lighting up Instagram in her bikini couldn’t have come during a hotter streak for the couple. It’s not like her other content isn’t good. It is, but it doesn’t move the needle like the bikini content does.

Written by Sean Joseph

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