Paige Lorenze Talks Wimbledon Life From A WAGs Perspective, NBA Summer League Gets Weird And MLB Home Run Derby Stinks

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Grab you racket, cradle your balls and keep the champagne on hush. Tuesday’s Nightcaps is heading abroad with one of Wimbledon’s most talked-about guests, Paige Lorenze. You won’t find Lorenze on the grass, but you will find her within the All England Club cheering on boyfriend Tommy Paul.  And odds are she’ll look as good or better than a Novak Djokovic ace.

While most of the States’ athletes, celebs and influencers are still recovering from Michael Rubin’s Fourth of July weekend all white party, the best of the United States’ tennis pros and their WAGs are having their own all white party in England.

Lorenze pushed pause on her time at Wimbledon just long enough to serve up a doozy of content for Nightcaps.

So do as the Brits and grab yourself a pint while we volley for serve alongside Paige, who joined us from across the pond.

Paige Lorenze is in Wimbledon to watch boyfriend Tommy Paul. (Photo c/o Paige Lorenze).

If you’re wondering what the tennis WAGs – and specifically, Paige – do while their significant others are practicing, handling media obligations, etc. Paige filled me in.

“I have quite the busy schedule myself, so I like to keep to my normal routines while traveling with Tommy. I run both of my businesses (Dairy Boy and my personal brand @paigelorenze), so keeping a routine helps me stay on top of the work I do for both brands, whether that be ongoing campaigns and projects, or meeting with my team and creative brainstorming for Dairy Boy; we just came out with phone cases and launched our Dairy Boy Kitchen Instagram which I’m really excited about,” Paige told OutKick.

“…I work full time on the road while simultaneously creating content for Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube, so oftentimes when Tommy’s practicing I’ll try to explore whatever city I’m in and walk to different local coffee shops to try them out.  I have a very full plate!”

*If you think Paige is busy, try juggling Nightcaps, mowing on Thursdays, coordinating a Madden franchise AND handling the occasional husband and dad duties.

Ok, back to Nightcaps and Paige. The social media starlet and entrepreneur wanted to be clear that despite what you might see on social media, life as one of the WAGs is more than just a party.

“Since Instagram is such a highlight reel, it may come off that I don’t work while I’m on the road, but I do every day and most of the day. I love watching Tommy play so I also try to sneak into practices when I can, and of course, I’m at every match!”

Thinking About Hitting Up Wimbledon? Better Get A Loan

Personally, I’ve never attended a tennis match outside of the summer of ’21 when both my kids thought they wanted to play…for roughly a month and a half. Cost of attending the handful of matches totaled roughly $20, three hot dogs and a few suckers on the way out.

Apparently, Wimbledon is a tad more pricey.

“The tickets are so expensive (as much as $5,000 per” Paige told me. “I couldn’t believe it. But once I got there I understood more. It’s the most gorgeous tennis site I have ever been to by far. It almost doesn’t seem real.”

A ticket to Wimbledon at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club won’t come cheap. (Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images).

What does seem real (or is it surreal?) is the amount of time and effort it takes to dominate the content world the way Paige Lorenze does. The 25-year-old has close to half a million IG followers, more than 235k on TikTok and another 100k on her YouTube channel.

“YouTube is my favorite platform and content to create,” Lorenze confirmed. “…I feel like you get the best idea of who I really am. It’s my favorite but also the most work; vlogging everyday on Youtube, doing Instagram stories, and TikToks while also having to edit everything myself (YouTube videos can take up to four hours to edit!) It’s a lot.”

For the record, I know ALL ABOUT the struggle. Try uploading and downloading content to and from Napster on dial-up internet. Then, throw in the curveball of someone picking up the phone while you’re seconds away from having a Smash Mouth mp3 on your desktop. OK, maybe it’s not quite four hours, but who’s counting?

Paige Lorenze spends as much as four hours a day on YouTube edits. (Photo c/o Paige Lorenze).

Paige Lorenze Goes From The Slopes To Wimbledon

By the way, before Paige’s socials, businesses and appearances gave her WAGs status, she was a competitive skier. She was is so good on the slopes, that not even her boyfriend, Tommy Paul – currently ranked the world’s 15th best Men’s tennis player – could best her.

“I don’t think Tommy’s beating me in a race down the slopes anytime soon… I hope,” Lorenze said Monday. “Tommy’s been giving me tennis lessons and although I’m nowhere close to Wimbledon standards, I’m getting the hang of it! I’ll definitely stick to skiing even though I asked him why he didn’t enter us in mixed doubles!”

Are mixed doubles in the future for Paige? (Photo c/o Paige Lorenze).

Quiet Your Bottles When At Wimbledon

If you scrounge up the $5k for a ticket to the All England Club and find yourself thirsty, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is – there’s plenty of champagne available to purchase and sip on from the stands, weird as that may be. The bad news – you can’t be out there popping bottles and looking like a lush while the players are trying to serve.

Lighten up, ump!

There’s More Sports Than Tennis Being Played, Kind Of

If you haven’t noticed, we’re smack dab in the middle of professional sports’ dead period. Outside of Wimbledon and UFC, not much is going on. This is about the time of year when ESPN 2 starts airing cornhole and dart competitions. Set the DVR!

If we’re lucky, we get to see strongman Magnús Ver Magnússon drag around a couple of cars or the occasional semi.

Magnus Ver Magnusson, four-time winner of the World”s Strongest Man Competition, pulls a 60 thousand-pound tractor trailer truck. (Photo by Bill Greenblatt/Liaison).

When that’s not airing, we’ve got NBA Summer League. Players are allowed 10 fouls each and the games are so meaningless that 2018 first round pick, Kevin Knox, who is now with his fourth NBA team, was once labeled as being “robbed” for not being award Summer League MVP honors.

Knox, by the way, holds a career scoring average of 7.5 points per game. So while the Summer League isn’t exactly must-see-tv, it is something to watch during these dog days of summer. And, more importantly, it’s provided us some great visuals.

Case in point, Tacko Fall shooting arguably the most bizzare free throw ever recorded.

Eat your heart out Rick Barry!

This presents us with the perfect time look back at the legendary picture of Tacko alongside Zion Williamson when the two were in college.

Tacko Fall makes Zion Williamson look tiny. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images).

Williamson is AT LEAST 6’6, 285 pounds. And that doesn’t account for the weight of any additional baggage he’s been carrying around.

And, since we’re here…

More NBA Summer League Content Gold

Look at this stache/hair combo. If the NBA doesn’t work for Travers, I promise he can quickly find work in the adult film industry.

Same for Frankie Ferrari. And yes, that’s his real name!

Oh, and there’s also this from Sacramento’s Jake Stephens. He’s quite literally a King, but definitely not treated as such. They’ve got my guy seated on a cooler like he’s an overweight Little League coach sitting on a bucket of balls roasting in the sun.

While we’re on the subject on NBA Summer League…OutKick’s Matt Wiley is currently in Vegas (home to Summer League) and stumbled upon a great WTF jersey amongst the crowd.

Fan spotted in an Andrew Bynum jersey. (Photo c/o Matt Wiley).

If you couldn’t tell, that’s an Andrew Bynum Philadelphia 76ers jersey. What makes it weird is that Bynum never actually played for the Sixers. In 2012 he was traded from the Lakers to the 76ers as part of a four team deal. But because of a knee injury, he never played a game for the City of Brotherly Love.

MLB Home Run Derby Stinks

About the only other sporting event being played right now is the MLB Home Run Derby. If you missed it, Toronto’s Vladimir Guerrero Jr. won Monday night’s event, but not before belting a non-dinger off a kid’s head.

Also, ESPN (understandably so) seemed more interested in showing the sister of Orioles star Adley Rutschman, then the Derby itself.

I can’t blame ESPN one bit. OK, maybe I can blame them just a tad. Stay with me. The camera angle is horrendous. You rarely see a bomb leave the yard. The broadcast is just a never ending loop of a pitcher tossing one over the plate every three seconds. There’s a reason behind that. Years ago, MLB did away with the Derby’s “10 outs” rule in favor of timed rounds. There’s also bonus rounds with time added if you hit X amount of homers more than 440′, but it’s all too video-gamey for me.

Give me 10 outs, Chris Berman on the call and steroids running through the bodies of MLB’s best.

This guy gets it.

Basically, give me MJ asking for The Kid’s autograph, or give me nothing!

Not So Great All-Star Break

Between last night’s lackluster Derby and the abundance of star players missing from tonight’s game, the All-Star break has me feeling blah. But I promise you no one’s All-Star break is worse than that of White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito’s. In addition to the time away from the field, Giolito’s also receiving a more permanent break, courtesy of his soon-to-be ex-wife,  Ariana Dubelko.

As TMZ first reported, Dubelko filed for divorce from Giolito on Monday.


Any guesses on the reason for their split?

“Irreconcilable differences.”

Shocker, right? You never see that being the cause.

The couple had been together for four years.

Let’s Do It Again Tomorrow, Shall We?

If you were too caught up in Paige’s Wimbledon wardrobe – or her swimwear – to notice (certainly can’t blame ya) , I’m filling in on today’s version of ‘caps while Amber hits the beach. And I’ll be back again tomorrow for our regularly scheduled booze cruise.

Until then, enjoy the best of the rest while we countdown the hours until Summer League tips…

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Written by Anthony Farris

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