Zion Williamson’s Pornstar Side Piece Drama Is ‘Common Occurrence’ In The League, Says Andrew Bogut

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Stop the hysteria over Zion Williamson having a pornstar side piece.

That’s the message from retired NBA big man Andrew Bogut, who spent 15 years observing the horny animalistic behaviors of his fellow man in the Association®. The Aussie says Zion’s “alleged” affair with porn star Moriah Mills is a “common occurrence” and the pearl-clutching over such a relationship shows just how little some of you know about how horny men worth hundreds of millions operate in their private life.

On his Rogue Bogues podcast, the 2015 NBA champion broke it down for those who don’t get how this works.

“If you think this is a one-off in the NBA, you’re very wrong, you’re very wrong,’ Bogut said. ‘This is a common occurrence on many teams I’ve been, this is a common occurrence amongst the league, where they are different relationships and that’s how they have their relationships.

“Some [partners] know about it, some don’t — but this this is not this is not something you need to be shocked about because it happens a lot. There’s girls I know for a fact there are players’ payrolls to be a side girl. Unfortunately, the stupidity of that is that tap cannot get turned off, bro.”

Drama between Zion and Mills flared up recently when Zion’s at-home girlfriend, and soon to be baby mama, released news she’s expecting a baby with the multi-zillionaire. The working theory is that the news sent Mills off an emotional cliff which led to her releasing lewd messages, alleged conversations and constant hounding of the soon-to-be-baby-daddy.

“I don’t love anyone i genuinely loved you @Zionwilliamson all you care about is saving face to the media you don’t care about feelings,” Mills tweeted.

“Started off as a sneaky link but we fell in love @Zionwilliamson I always said a baby is a deal breaker for me haven’t slept in days emotionally distressed you hurt me big time not even going to front. Eventually we became more until this mysterious pregnancy im f— up bad about this bae ong !! I can’t do this.”

That brings us to the sidepiece realizing the “tap,” that Bogut referred to, just might be shutting off. You’re damn right that’s hard to process for a stripper who works for the almightly dollar.

“Once you’re paying a girl or man – this could go either way, these days — you’re paying a side piece to be a side piece — the moment you stop paying that side piece, your wife’s going to find out about it, bro, that’s just the way the world works,” Bogut added.

On his own podcast, retired NBA guard and strip club aficionado Gilbert Arenas explained the situation in NBA terms.

“Zion is getting in-house entertainment from his house (unlike Ja Morant). You can’t get better than that. He ain’t gotta go to the strip club, he just be there. I am in love with a stripper…. She (referring to Moriah Mills) is the queen in her profession. She understands professionalism. So, she knows what she means when she says, ‘You know what you are endangering me with.’….At the other end, I am helping you with your diet fat boy. Did you see the conversation? Zion’s pimpin’. I know 100% that he has regretted his decision,” Arenas said.

So how does Zion recover from this?

Simple: Keep your mouth shut, tell your baby mama you’re reformed, take her to Tiffany to pick out some jewels, let this blow over and then ignore it. The NBA lapdog Big Js aren’t going to ask Zion about side pieces, so this will fade away into the Google archives, as Bogut is indicating.

Side-piece drama is nothing new.

Let’s not forget how ARod dealt with alleged side-piece drama that allegedly led to the split between him and JLo. The guy didn’t address it. His management team said it was completely reckless speculation and that this was all nonsense.

That’s Business 101 within the (alleged or otherwise) side piece biz.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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