Nikola Jokić Threatens To ‘F— Up’ Bol Bol After Getting Crossed Up, Dunked On By Former Teammate

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Nikola Jokic and Bol Bol have beef. The two former teammates are good friends, but the latter better not cross the former again— he has been warned.

On Sunday night, as the Nuggets played to a three-point win over the Magic, the reigning NBA MVP was involved in the highlight for both teams. However, the highlight for Orlando was also the lowlight for Jokic.

Midway through the fourth quarter, Bol Bol got the ball at the three-point line and proceeded to attack the rim. The Sudanese-American big man crossed-up the Serbian big man while driving through the lane and threw down a hammer. Jokic was on skates.

Jokic was not happy with how things went down. He, with smirk on his face, threatened Bol Bol after the game and said that he was going to “F— him up” if the Orlando center ever dunks on him again.

The Nuggets and Magic will meet again in Florida for the final time during the regular season on Feb. 9. While Jokic was joking with his threat toward Bol Bol, it might be best for the latter to stay away from the former.

Or, on the other hand, maybe this threat will only inspire Bol Bol to go after Jokic even harder. It would be pretty awesome if the two friends-turned-foes (kind of) got into a battle of big men.

Either way, it was Jokic and Denver that got the last laugh on Sunday night. He hit the game-winner for the Nuggets on a step-back triple with the clock winding down.

His team, and the arena went bonkers, but Jokic was stone cold.

He did what he was supposed to do. It was all business.

Or, maybe, Jokic was still thinking about how Bol Bol crossed him up and threw it down.

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