Woke Hack of the Day: Former CNN+ Host Rex Chapman

Soon-to-be former CNN+ host Rex Chapman is the OutKick Woke Hack of the Day.

CNN+ is dead. Thursday, Warner Bros. Discovery announced that it will shut down CNN+ at the end of April, after failing to draw any viewers.

The slashing of the service won't hurt most current CNN+ hosts. And that's a positive. Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper will go back to focusing on their daily television programs. Chris Wallace, meanwhile, has an eight-figure contract. CNN has to find a role for Wallace somewhere, either on TV or HBO Max.

As for Chapman, he's the biggest loser in CNN+ failing to stay alive for an entire month.

I know I've said that the media wokes always find a place to rebound, no matter how many times they fail, but Chapman is really going to test that theory.

Who would hire him?

Chapman may have tested himself out of TV jobs in both the political and sports industries this year.

While there are other news agencies that align with Chapman's political and social views, those places don't hire white guys anymore. So unless MSNBC and NPR allow Chapman to identify as a woman, they aren't hiring him.

And though you can never count a sports media company out from sticking a middle finger at its base, it's hard to see any sports channel hiring this guy after his performance during the NCAA Tournament.

The only time basketball fans took a break from complaining about how dry Chapman is on TV was when he paid a RIP to the still very much alive Pete Gillen. Gillen, a former coach, is so alive that he works for CBS, the very channel on which Chapman gave him a eulogy:


The only idea more questionable than launching CNN+ was hiring Rex Chapman.

Chapman joins the growing list of Woke Hacks, alongside Taylor Lorenz, LeBron James, Kamala Harris, Bomani Jones and Stephen Colbert.

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