Woke Hack of the Day: Everyone At CNN

There's too much woke hackery going on inside CNN to pick just one. Everyone at CNN is the Woke Hack of the Day.

This is why:

-- CNN invested $300 million into CNN+, drew only 10,000 viewers a day, and its new parent company killed the service after just three weeks.

-- The network tweeted about the news, dunking on itself.

-- CNN agreed to pay Chris Wallace $9 million a year to lead the service.

-- Wallace is now having "daily breakdowns."

--- Wallace is demanding the 9 pm primetime hour, previously held by Chris Cuomo. But he has competition.

-- CNN recently met with Keith Olbermann. CNN might hire Crazy Keith.

-- Some network execs pondered moving Brian Stelter to primetime.

-- Now, Stelter is pushing for a lunchtime daily program.

-- CNN might hire longtime liar and past-his-prime anchor, Brian Williams.

-- Someone actually thought people liked Jemele Hill. They don't. They never have.

-- Rex Chapman was involved.

-- Not a single CNN show ranked among the top 25 in cable news on Thursday.


Woke Hack of the Day: Everyone at CNN.

Past hacks include Rex Chapman, Taylor LorenzLeBron JamesKamala HarrisBomani Jones and Stephen Colbert.

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