Lane Kiffin Reveals Sneaky Tactic To Avoid Folks In Public, Has Questions For Legendary Father About Doppelgänger At SEC Media Days

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Lane Kiffin has discovered that acting like he hates himself in public will keep people from bothering him while taking a stroll down a grocery store aisle. Yes, the Ole Miss head coach has found that belittling himself is the strongest deterrent.

Speaking at SEC Media Days on Thursday, Lane Kiffin found himself speaking on tactics he uses to avoid being bombarded. If someone approaches the Rebels head coach, asking if he’s in-fact Lane Kiffin, he’ll talk crap about himself. This is an interesting tactic, given that he’s so recognizable, but I think this would actually work.

“Are you Lane Kiffin? ‘No I hate that dude, he sucks,” Kiffin says on how he responds.

This is obviously the perfect way to get folks to leave you alone, just say you aren’t who you are. I wish I would’ve thought of that, it could’ve saved me some trouble with my parents growing up.

But there was also a moment during Thursday’s media session that caught Kiffin off-guard. A reporter told Lane Kiffin that he’s always been told the looks like the Ole Miss head coach, even referencing pictures of Kiffin in college. This got Kiffin thinking for a minute, before coming up with a great answer.

“I would embrace it, just deal with it,” Kiffin said.


This is where things got better, as the Rebels head coach listened on as the reporter told him about his mother not being able to tell them apart.

“Hmm, what’s your mom’s name?,” Kiffin asked. “I gotta ask my dad some questions now. I would just embrace it, you probably get like free drinks and stuff, just depending on which state in the SEC you go to.”

It was only a matter of time before we got a funny quote from Kiffin, but nobody expected it to involve one of the great minds in college football (Monte Kiffin) stepping out on his mother.

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