Kirk Herbstreit Tees Off On Ohio State Fans Calling For Ryan Day’s Job: ‘Bunch Of Jacka**es’

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What could possibly have a percentage of Ohio State fans calling for the job of Ryan Day? Kirk Herbstreit has no idea, but he made it clear this week that they’re a bunch of ‘Jackasses” who embarrass other Buckeye fans.

Holding a 45-6 record as the head coach of Ohio State, Day continues to hear the critics calling for his job. It’s certainly not the entire fan base, only all small percentage who aren’t satisfied with making the playoffs three out of the last four years. Frustration happens when you lose to your hated rival, I get it.

The Buckeyes have been handled by Michigan the last two years, losing by a combined 87-50.

In terms of the streak, Michigan hadn’t beaten Ohio State since 2011, until the 2021 season came around. Back-to-back losses to the Wolverines, along with a tough ending to the 2022 playoff game against Georgia, has drawn some criticism. But what more could you ask of Ryan Day, besides winning a national championship?

Ohio State head coach Ryan Day promoted Brian Hartline to OC in January
Head coach Ryan Day of the Ohio State Buckeyes watches a play during the Spring Game at Ohio Stadium on April 15, 2023 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images)

The guy has had his team on the cusp of winning a title during his entire time in Columbus, but it’s still not good enough for a percentage of the fan base. The vocal minority is loud, especially when all you hear is them wanting a new coach. Every school has a percentage of fans that will never be content with where they’re at. I imagine some Georgia fans are upset with the way Kirby Smart handled Stetson Bennett, even though he won back-to-back titles.

The point is, they aren’t going away, so you have to try and drown out the noise. Take a moment and look around the college football landscape and realize your program is consistently one of the top in the country. That isn’t easy and Day hasn’t won it all, but he’s recruited top-tier talent and positioned the program to compete for college football’s ultimate prize year after year.

Kirk Herbstreit Is Fed Up With That Small Percentage Of Ryan Day Haters

Kirk Herbstreit is a strong voice for the Buckeyes program, even when he has to put it to the side for his day job. But as a former football player in Columbus, he’s not afraid to call out the fans he thinks are bringing down the program. He pointed out that it’s around 15% of the fan base that would be frustrated with any result.

“That percent is going to be mad at something always. [Day] could win the Michigan game, go to the playoff and lose, and they’ll be mad about that,” Kirk Herbstreit told The Blade. “That group is just a bunch of jackasses who kind of embarrass all of us as Ohio State fans. So I don’t really care, honestly, what that group thinks. But the people who matter, the logical people who actually have a brain and understand the sport, they love what Ryan Day has done. The fact that this is even a topic is almost comical.”

It’s fair to say that Herbstreit is not a fan of haters of the Ohio State front man, especially at this point in his career. It would be different if Day had the Buckeyes in the Gator Bowl every year, but his playoff appearances should speak for themselves. As for Michigan, they’ve been very good over the past two seasons under Jim Harbaugh, but the final scores haven’t helped Ohio State fans. That’s what has seemed to trigger some of this discontent.

There will come a time where Ohio State AD Gene Smith will have to take a look at the program if they continue to miss out on titles. This isn’t happening any time soon, especially if Day keeps appearing in the playoffs.

Ryan Day will continue to hear outside noise at Ohio State, just like Jim Harbaugh has during his time at Michigan.

It’s funny how these two fan bases–bitter rivals with coaches in both college and the NFL would love to have– are so alike.

Written by Trey Wallace

Trey Wallace is the host of The Trey Wallace Podcast that focuses on a mixture of sports, culture, entertainment along with his perspective on everything from College Football to the College World Series.

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Wallace also appears on radio across seven different states breaking down that latest news in college sports.


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