Did Justin Verlander Yell ‘F**k ESPN’ Right Before Pulling Francisco Lindor Out Of Sunday Night Baseball Interview?

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The New York Mets swept a doubleheader against the Cleveland Guardians on Sunday, giving them an overall three-game sweep. The second half of that doubleheader was part of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball package. After the game, ESPN SportsCenter anchor Nicole Briscoe attempted to interview Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor. But Justin Verlander took issue with the length of the interview.

During Lindor’s interview, someone clearly shouts “F**k ESPN! Let’s go!”

Because it occurs off-camera, it’s unclear who that person is. However, it sounds an awful lot like Justin Verlander. Then, seconds later, Verlander bursts onto camera and says “Player of the game, my God, let’s go — stop asking so many questions!”

The “let’s go” that he drops on-camera sounds quite a bit like the “let’s go” that comes from off-camera, but you be the judge.

Did Justin Verlander yell “F**k ESPN” during interview with Mets shortstop Francisco Lindor?

I can’t say for sure since, again, it occurs off-camera. But I’d be willing to bet a small fortune that Justin Verlander absolutely cussed out the World Wide Leader.

That’s becoming a theme with athletes and ESPN, too. Back in the day, the ultimate goal for an athlete was to be on ESPN. Now, athletes appear almost out of obligation.

ESPN carried Sunday Night Baseball and the team has to allow the network to interview someone after the game. In this case, they chose Lindor who hit a game-tying solo home run in the sixth inning.

Verlander pitched eight innings in the contest, allowing one run on three hits with five strikeouts. To be fair to the Mets players, it had been a long day.

Did Justin Verlander Yell 'F**k ESPN' Right Before Pulling Francisco Lindor Out Of Sunday Night Baseball Interview?
Did Justin Verlander Yell ‘F**k ESPN’ Right Before Pulling Francisco Lindor Out Of Sunday Night Baseball Interview? (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

They played two baseball games and wanted to celebrate a pair of victories. But Briscoe continued to press Lindor, including a follow-up question that really did not need to be asked.

Thankfully, she got the hint from Verlander and let Lindor go after the interruption. At least her questions were better than Karl Ravech during Sunday Night Baseball last week.

Ravech asked St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Triston Casas what Mother’s Day means to him during an on-field interview in the middle of the game. As the next pitch comes to the plate, Casas then had to talk about losing his mother at the age of nine.

Back when I worked at ESPN, they used to bring in a specialist every year to hold a seminar on how to interview people.

I know the network is cutting costs left and right, but that might be one expense worth the price.

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