Johnny Manziel Brought In Over $30K In Autographs During Time At Texas A&M

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Former NFL quarterback and human lava lamp Johnny Manziel is back in the news for another tell-all interview. This time, he recounts his rebellious days when he was making very large amounts of illegal dough as an Aggie.

In a podcast interview with Barstool Sports, Manziel ripped into the NCAA by telling a story about making a quick buck at Texas A&M by providing signatures to some ominous figures.

Though he insisted that the stories all happened after his Heisman season, a necessary qualification to safeguard his award should the NCAA take action, Manziel admitted that prior to his 2013 season, he was making side money from signatures.

“This guy comes up behind me, he’s like, ‘Yo, how would you wanna make 3 grand?’ I turn around, I’m like, ‘F*** yeah, bro!’,” said Manziel. He also went on about a time he was instructed to go into a stranger’s room and sign every item in it to receive over $30K in payment.

Which, in all honesty, doesn’t sound half bad …

“So, this guy’s pretty much, ‘All right, go to this room at the Fontainebleau. All this stuff will be in there laid out. When you’re done, just send me a picture of all of it. I’ll give you the code to the safe, the money will be in there.'”

At least as famous for his off-the-field stories as he was for his on-field showboating, Johnny Manziel has gradually become more and more transparent about his troubling times both in the NFL and at Texas A&M University—though he’s probably more interested in the publicity than doing penance.

Remembered for his Johnny Football persona — part-player, part-entertainer — Manziel’s troubling football career involved drugs and other distractions that landed him out of favor with many NFL franchises.

As for a potential NCAA investigation into the story, Manziel stated the following: “I never took a dollar until after I won the Heisman, and I think my statute of limitations are up. So, you can blow me again!”

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. Honestly I have no problem with players making money by working for it. If players get paid to sign autographs to me that’s part of the benefit and incentive for succeeding. I just think they need to report/disclose how much and who paid any time they do it for tax purposes like everyone else. Otherwise it CREATES a black market where real
    shady dudes leave crap in hotel rooms with safe codes. These kids should have the right to “earn” money on their fame.

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