Johnny Cash’s Son Rips Wicked Guitar Solo To Honor Late Father’s Birthday At Special Nashville S.C. Home-Opener

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Nashville Soccer Club began its 2023 campaign at home Saturday and Johnny Cash’s son played a big role in the season-opener. The entire afternoon served as a pretty cool tribute to his late father!

Cash, who passed away in 2003, would have turned 91 years old Sunday.

After growing up in Arkansas and rising to fame in Memphis after four years in the Air Force, the legendary singer-songwriter moved to Nashville as his career was taking off in the late 1950s. He was laid to rest right outside of Music City and his impact on the birthplace of country music cannot be understated.

To honor Cash on his birthday weekend, Nashville’s newest professional team unveiled a brand-new uniform for its season-opener. The ‘Man In Black’ kit is all-black, obviously, and features a photo of, and signature from the Man In Black. They’re simple and awesome.

Cash’s son, John Carter, was very involved in the creative process around the uniform.

Johnny Cash’s legacy lives on!

As the game got underway, 28,051 fans packed into the (less-than-year-old) Geodis Park, wearing black, and created an electric atmosphere. Especially as Nashville went on to win 2-0.

Prior to kickoff, the team unfurled a banner that encompassed the evening’s theme.

And, as is tradition, it held the “guitar riff of the game.” Before every match, in very Nashville fashion, a local musician from the city plays an N.S.C. guitar to get the crowd fired up. Like John Oates, for example.

On Saturday — Man In Black day — it was John Carter who picked up his axe and ripped on the strings.

Unfortunately, audio from the video is terrible. But as someone who was at the match, trust me that it was awesome in person. One of those chill bump moments.

John Carter Cash playing guitar on the weekend of his father’s birthday as Nashville Soccer Club played its first game of the new season in uniforms with his dad’s face on them was pretty special.

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