Jimbo Fisher Clearly Doesn’t Care About The Outside Noise From ‘Clowns’

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Jimbo Fisher came out swinging this afternoon during his signing day press conference, going after the coaches and folks who are in his eyes spreading false information about NIL deals in College Station. Over the last few weeks, Texas A&M has been at the forefront of conversations about the potential money that recruits are making off their name, image and likeness. On Wednesday, Jimbo Fisher had enough of the talk.

There was a post written in “BroBible” according to Fisher, which set off a bunch of stories about how the Aggies are recruiting, implying that Texas A&M spent $30 Million on the 2022 recruiting class, through NIL. These stories have also been talked about in coaching circles around the country and Lane Kiffin brought up on Tuesday that the Aggies might incur a luxury tax for the amount of money being spent.

Jimbo Fisher was having none of it on Wednesday, not holding back punches against the people who are spreading the alleged lies.

“There is no thirty million fund, there is no five million, ten million, this is garbage. And it does, it pisses me off that people, and it comes from a site called BroBible by a guy named ‘sliced-bread’ and everybody runs with it on the internet as gospel. How irresponsible is that…when I first heard it, I laughed because I don’t have social media.”

Jimbo went on to say that coaches and reporters, along with the Vice President of Notre Dame were clown acts, with the way they ran with these stories on the recruiting trail.

“And then to have coaches in our league and across this league to say it, clown acts, irresponsible as hell, multiple coaches in our league. The guys griping about NIL, griping about transfer portal, using it the most are the ones bragging about it the most. That’s the ironic part. You want character, I’ll tell any of y’all. It’s a joke. It does piss me off.”

Just when you thought Fisher was done going after opposing coaches in the conference, he finished off this part of his rant, letting other coaches know that he’s aware of where the bodies are buried, when it comes to recruiting tactics.

“How about coaches that are supposed to be doing the right thing and I’ll tell you what, I know how some of those guys recruit too. Go dig into that. I know the history, I know the tradition and I know things. Trust me, you don’t want to go down that avenue. It’s ridiculous, it’s irresponsible and it’s unbelievable. I ain’t just talking about one, multiple people got NIL issues.

“It’s funny. When Nick Saban said his quarterback got an $800k deal, it was wonderful,” Fisher added. “Now, it’s not wonderful anymore… The hypocrisy is a joke, and it’s insulting. It’s insulting to our staff and how hard we work and to Texas A&M. If you don’t like it and we’re coming on, get used to it, aight, we ain’t going nowhere.”

But before the press conference shifted to talking about the current signees and the overall 2022 class, Jimbo had one more thing to say to the coaches around the league.

“The ballgame is changing, men, and it ain’t because of NIL and what goes on. Pretty irresponsible for all of them, they’re clowns. If they got a problem with it, come see me. I ain’t a hard guy to find. We’ll be in some meetings, say anything you want. I ain’t got no problem with it, I can promise you that shit.”

I think it’s safe to assume Jimbo Fisher is not blinking when it comes to this subject, while also letting Lane Kiffin know that he’s more than willing to talk about it.




Written by Trey Wallace

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  1. Just out of the blue A&M signs the all time highest rated class. And he expects people to believe that A&M with all it’s rich boosters and resources didn’t use NIL as a recruiting enticement. Jimbo, you said it’s legal so why don’t you show your hand. Hard work my a*”.

  2. If none of it’s true, things are changing, and you’re program is “coming on”, then why get so mad and defensive about it? When I see someone get so emotional I immediately think a sensitive place was hit, and what is so sensitive that you can’t take criticism all of a sudden?

    These coaches would chop off an important part of their male bodies to win an SEC crown or title, so they’re all trying to get every advantage they possibly can by hook or crook, Jimbo included. The margin for error is tiny in the SEC, because there’s so much talent and depth across the board. One or two top recruits these guys can flip is literally the difference in 8-4 and 11-1. How can you do that? It ain’t the smoothie bar.

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