J.R. Smith Is Fighting With Sam Dekker’s Wife, Sideline Reporter Olivia Harlan-Dekker Over ‘Some Trump Sh*t’

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J.R. Smith has been in a pretty ugly back-and-forth war of words with Big Ten Network reporter Olivia Harlan Dekker over what Smith had to say about her husband, a former teammate of Smith, on Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson’s podcast. Smith went on a bizarre rant that including a vague reference to Sam Dekker being unable to use the n-word.

“Throughout my whole career, there’s only one teammate I don’t like,” Smith said while appearing on the “All Things Covered” podcast. “He know that. Everybody else I’m cool with. Man, this dude Sam Dekker. This dude. He said some bulls–t on the bus one day, talking some Trump s–t. And I just wasn’t having it.”

“The question he asked, it’s a thought pattern. You were taught that. It’s the hate you give. The privilege he has was taught to him, and he took heed of it and run with it even further than somebody … who was oblivious to what they have and the life they lived. Because some people just go through their life not necessarily knowing, but not aware and privy to someone else’s circumstances. He’s a person who’s just very aware of somebody else’s circumstances and want to keep them there, as opposed to try to help him elevate up. And I don’t respect anything about that.”

Harlan Dekker wasn’t having it from Smith, tweeting “JR… he doesn’t say that word. I’ve never heard him say that word. He’s not a racist or a trump supporter. Simple as that. Not sure what your motive is here.”

Sam Dekker, currently playing basketball in Turkey, has no idea where this Smith outrage comes from. “Well I am just as confused as y’all,” Dekker wrote on a tweet that has since been deleted. “I’m pretty simple, I’ve never been one to get into politics. Especially ‘Trump s—.’ I’ve never been a Trump guy, so this blindsided me.”

And there you have it. J.R. Smith trying to cancel a guy playing basketball in Turkey.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. If I were her I wouldn’t lower myself to Smith’s level. He’s borderline retarded, has ZERO basketball IQ and is just a basic piece of shit as a human being. If he couldn’t dribble a ball he’d be selling crack in the hood.

  2. This is the guy who doesn’t understand how the clock works in the NBA, right? Just making sure.

    I have to say I laughed my ass off when he punched that white antifa cuck that was trying to damage his car back in May. But he’s a clown other than that.

  3. It’s pretty clear what’s going on here. Smith is just a racist. If you’re white and don’t nod your head with every idiotic thing Smith says, then, in his tiny mind you’re a Trump supporter (Dekker, you should be by the way if you don’t like this thought pattern). Smith is the face of TDS.

  4. My only take I can get from JR’s rambling incoherent thought process…Sam probably asked JR why he calls a certain group of people that word like some term of endearment (cause JR looks the part that would say that word often) but if Sam were to say that to JR his life as he knows it is cancelled.

  5. If I had to guess, Sam Dekker was advocating for some form of individual responsibility, and that triggered JR Smith into think he supported President Trump, which any sane person should.

    These athletes are truly pathetic excuses for men.

  6. If I was Sam Dekker, the first thing I’d do is telephone my lovely wife Olivia from Isataanbul and tell her to stfu. Something about a wife jumping on social media to defend her man that is kind of nauseating. I just pray that the Dekkers dont run into JR and a group of his female companions at a Wafflehouse or Denny’s at 1am someday. You’re not going to win a Twitter battle with JR Smith. Right or wrong, he doesn’t give a f-ck if he lies. Funny how he goes after one of the few white players he ever played with. JR Smith picked an easy mark. Anyways, dont respond and hope someone you played with had enough respect for you to come to your defense. That’s my advice for my Thursday advice column.

  7. Well not sure what this has to do with anything but on a
    real matter I find it interesting that NBA players mostly Black NBA players defend China’s Slavery policy and forced labor to make Jerseys Footwear etc ….. Then they
    throw the USA under the bus for being racist …..
    Their ethics are money driven and their future is diminishing Bye Bye NBA

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