Danica Patrick Dazzles In F1 Skirt, Josh Allen GF Rumor, Gracie Hunt Checks In, Mahomes Botches Louisville, FAU Amanda Ready For Football

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What a weekend of boozing and racing — separately, of course. We had a little Cinco De Mayo action Friday, Kentucky Derby shenanigans Saturday and then the Miami F1 race Sunday. Mix in some Danica Patrick in a short pink skirt, and buddy, we had ourselves a WEEKEND!

Not a great few days for horse owners down in Louisville or the folks at PETA headquarters, but an otherwise superb way to start our May.

It wasn’t all Racin’ and Yuenglings, though. Some fella named Morgan Wallen got cozy with Queen Paulina Gretzky down in West Palm, Patrick Mahomes created an entirely new city in Kentucky, and Josh Allen rumors hit a peak.

Gracie Hunt is also set to make her Nightcaps return today after she obliterated me a few months ago, FAU Amanda joins her, and we say happy birthday to Olivia Culpo!

Yep — there’s a TON to get to after a big weekend. Like Mark Zuckerberg at jiu-jitsu, let’s start the week strong!

Danica Patrick looks fit at F1 Miami race

We’re gonna go in geographical order for today’s class — starting in the great, big, beautiful state of Florida and working our way north.

So, we’re pretty much snowbirds, which works out well because they’re all migrating north as we speak.

Let’s check in with the second annual Formula 1 race down in Miami, where Danica Patrick was a sight for sore eyes while calling the action!

Yep, she’s still got it. As if there was even a doubt.

Danica Patrick standing on the Dolphins logo with a little cocky look on her face and bend in her knees? Start your engines!

By the way, don’t let them try and tell you people lost interest in this race in Year 2 — because they didn’t. In fact, daily attendance for the four days was around 90,000.

Personally, I’m just glad Lewis Hamilton didn’t win. How insufferable would that have been? He’s the worst. Typical virtue-signaler who comes into my state and gives opinions on #mygovernor.


FAU Amanda ready for football season but the Florida Panthers don’t care

Wow — what a rant! Didn’t see it coming, but sometimes those are the best ones.

Staying in Ron DeSantis country, let’s next check in on FAU Amanda Vance — the smokeshow sports handicapper who won over our hearts during FAU’s magical Final Four run.

Holy cow, what a damn drop on an almost-summer Sunday! Chills.

How about this first comment, though:

Show more of those pretty feet plzzzzz.

People are so damn weird. Not judging, though. You and Rex Ryan wanna see some feet, more power to you!

While Amanda and Danica Patrick are ready for some Dolphins football, South Florida is locked in on the Panthers, who are somehow one win away from the NHL conference finals.

And you know why Sunday’s OT win over stupid Toronto felt so good? Because Toronto fans are just as nauseating as Lewis Hamilton.

They say Canadians are the nicest people, but I don’t trust ’em one bit. Anyone who is gullible enough to live under Justin Trudeau’s socialist regime cannot be trusted.

Can’t wait to see the Cup in Florida just to spite these idiots.

Why am I so angry today?

Gracie Hunt, Patrick Mahomes and Paulina Gretzky, oh my!

What a trio! (yes, I thought about using threesome, but we have some class here at Nightcaps, as I’ve said).

I was admittedly a little surprised Gracie wasn’t at the Kentucky Derby Saturday, instead opting for some stupid soccer thing, but our girl certainly wouldn’t miss TWO chances to be in the spotlight.

And, right on cue, look who popped up in Miami!

That ain’t exactly our tried-and-true Red Friday, but it’s the offseason so we’ll give Gracie a pass.

While Hunt was enjoying a little racing, Paulina Gretzky used her off-week from the LIV tour to let the liquor talk at Morgan Wallen’s concert up in West Palm Beach.

Olivia Dunne was also there, but I don’t want you guys to get mad at us for yet another Livvy story today, so I’ll refrain.

Paulina Gretzky and Morgan Wallen get cozy in West Palm while Danica Patrick called F1 in Miami.

Head on a swivel, Dustin Johnson. Hey, Morgan — careful with that right hand, pal. Paulina’s a taken girl.

Would be an ELECTRIC pairing, though.

Sadly, that’s all we have from the great state of Florida.

Let’s now head to Louisville, where Patrick Mahomes gave the command for the 149th Kentucky Derby and completely butchered Louisville.

Roll tape!


Replying to @Cierra No matter how you say it, Louisville is Derby City. 🐎🌹 How do you say it? #louisvillekentucky #pronounciation #patrickmahomes

♬ original sound – kentuckyderby

Josh Allen escapes girl drama with trip to Kentucky Derby

I’ll be honest with you — I’m team Patrick here. I’m also from Florida and not Looyville, so I don’t have a leg to stand on. Sounds right to me, though.

Regardless, I reckon he had a better weekend than Jackson!

I’m also certain he had a better weekend than Josh Allen. Well, scratch that — I guess it depends on who you ask.

In case you missed it, Josh Allen’s maybe ex-girlfriend Brittany Williams did NOT attend the Derby with him Saturday. Rumors have been swirling for weeks now that those two are on the fritz, and the reason why run the gamut.

This little number from Saturday afternoon is maybe my favorite, though.

Hilarious. How about the context box underneath, too?

No, Stefon Diggs isn’t yelling at Josh Allen in the middle of a playoff game because he cheated on his high school sweetheart, idiot! He’s yelling at him because he just choked in the biggest game of the year!

I do agree with Sophie on one thing, though: I, too, love mess.

So does OutKick’s Sean Joseph, who covered this Josh Allen story like the consummate professional he is over the weekend:

There were some unconfirmed wild rumors that surfaced as well. This was then followed up by Williams celebrating her birthday with the girls while Allen was nowhere to be found.

Her friends appeared to have thrown some shade at the Bills quarterback as they added to the breakup rumors with a message on her birthday cake.

On Saturday, a friend of Williams appeared to confirm the rumors. Instead of a coded hashtag, her friend tagged Williams and wrote, “Now accepting husband applications” from the Kentucky Derby.

Terrible teens in Tennessee and a missed opportunity in Texas

Let’s clear out my inbox before we sing Happy Birthday to Olivia Culpo.

As Joe Kinsey would say, let’s now head out to Tennessee!

Kids are THE WORST. Literally, the worst. I thought my generation was bad, but this current one is so intolerable they make Lewis Hamilton look sane.

And how about this little nugget from Reddit:

Girl pepper sprays teacher because he took her phone from her in Antioch TN. This same teacher two months ago got punched in the face by a different student for taking a kids phone cheating on a test with it.

Tough couple months for this professor. Respect him for not quitting and just going straight back to the well a second time, but maybe it’s time to find a new calling in life.

After all, a man can only get pepper-sprayed and humiliated so many times in front of the entire school before he says enough is enough.

If he does quit and wanna find a new line of work, don’t bother applying for Angels’ scoreboard graphic design job — because that sucker is LOCKED DOWN.

Olivia Culpo turns 31 today

I’ve seen a lot of good ones over the years, but this one goes straight to the top. A+. The Angels somehow stink even with Mike Trout and Ohtani, but this mystery person in the booth deserves a raise.

Hell, give them the money you’re surely not gonna give to Shohei next season.

OK, that’s all for today’s class. Thanks for joining myself, FAU Amanda, Danica Patrick and Gracie Hunt. We appreciate the participation, as always.

Take us home, Olivia!

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Written by Zach Dean

Zach grew up in Florida, lives in Florida, and will never leave Florida ... for obvious reasons. He's a reigning fantasy football league champion, knows everything there is to know about NASCAR, and once passed out (briefly!) during a lap around Daytona. He swears they were going 200 mph even though they clearly were not.

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