Josh Allen’s Girlfriend Brittany Williams Celebrates Her Birthday Without The Bills QB, Adding To The Breakup Rumors

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A couple of weekends ago rumors of a breakup between Josh Allen and his longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams hit the internet. The unfollow heard around Buffalo that coincided with the rumors seemed to confirm that their relationship had ended.

There’s been no official word from either of them on the subject. But as has been pointed out, dating a guy since college then unfollowing him while he’s under a 6-year, $258 million contract, raises some red flags.

Josh Allen Brittany Williams Breakup
Brittany Williams and Josh Allen attend the 11th Annual NFL Honors (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Spending the weekend celebrating your birthday without a sign of the Bills quarterback also raises a few flags. That’s exactly how Brittany spent last weekend. She celebrated her then upcoming birthday – April 26 – with the girls.

Now it’s true that the Bills quarterback could have had prior engagements and had a good reason for not celebrating with her. But add Allen’s absence to the unfollow, which stands to this day, and all signs are pointing to a relationship that has ended.

Now if you’re still not convinced, Allen has been silent for weeks on his Instagram account. Not even a hint at a happy birthday for Brittany. That’s unheard of for Allen.

In years past, his girlfriend received an annual happy birthday post of some sort on his Instagram account. This year crickets.

The internet detectives who first noticed trouble in Buffalo also noticed something else during Brittany’s girls weekend. The cake her friends got her seemed to have a hidden message behind it.

As did Brittany’s Instagram Story showing off the cake. In the story, along with her cake, was the caption “my girls spoil me” and the hashtag #mhwn.

Brittany Williams Flying Solo For Her Birthday Can’t Be A Good Sign

The speculation surrounding the hashtag is that is means “My Husband Would Never” and is a shot at Allen. Why that hashtag?

The thought is that the hashtag is in reference to the salacious rumors that surfaced at the time of their split. The cake also had the hashtag on it instead of the standard happy birthday.

The cherry on top, if you will, came in the form of a TikTok video that Brittany shared to celebrate her birthday. There’s an interesting reference in that video.

According to a Bills fan, who has been covering the salacious pop culture, Brittany made a reference to “new beginnings” while celebrating her birthday.

This is a situation that the OutKick Culture Department will continue to monitor. The unfollow was clearly just the tip of the iceberg here.

There’s plenty more beneath the surface, and if I know the internet like I think I do, the story of why they split will eventually reach the surface.

Written by Sean Joseph

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