Danica Patrick, Aaron Rodgers’ Infamous Ex, Recalls Ayahuasca, ‘K-Hole’ Trips

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Aaron Rodgers has been through plenty of high-profile woman in his day — most recently Mallory Edens — but none of them compare to Danica Patrick.

I dare you to find me a more explosive, weird, tree-hugging couple than Aaron Rodgers and Danica Damn Patrick. They just don’t exist.

Anyway, the former lovebirds ended things a while back much to the dismay of the OutKick #content team, but the memories will live forever.

And by memories, I of course mean tripping balls together on Aaron’s psychedelic of choice — Ayahuasca.

“I’ve done Ayahuasca twice, both two nights in a row,” the former IndyCar and NASCAR star told the ManTalks podcast this week. “I’ve also done a Psilocybin journey — those have been the two journeys that I’ve done, and the psilocybin journey got a little sticky.

“I felt so far away and so gone, but that was also part of something I’ve been able to integrate, which is having my own back and making myself my own best friend. Just creating the best relationship in life with myself — which was my Ayahuasca message in the journey.”

Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers love good drugs.
Was there a more electric couple than Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick? (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers are big Ayahuasca fans

A lot to unpack there, but nothing we haven’t heard before from a certain ex-boyfriend.

Let’s rewind the tape back to a couple Aaron Rodgers quotes on the popular psychedelic brew, which he I assume did last month in the dark cave. Of course, he infamously did it for nearly a week last summer with another ex-lover — Blu of Earth.

Blu, by the way, makes Danica Patrick look like a hardcore conservative.

“Night one I was still a little resistant, and night two, I fully surrendered to the process and to the master teacher, and she was benevolent in her lessons,” the new New York Jets QB told Men’s Health last year of his Ayahuasca journey.

“There’s a lot of overall happiness that exists when you have a deeper love for yourself. It actually allows you, I feel, to give and receive love better and interact with people with less judgment and less projection.”

While Aaron is very clearly #TeamAyahuasca, Danica said this week she liked to branch out a bit back in the day.

“Ketamine can get pretty dark,” she said. “I had this nasal spray that’s mixed with oxytocin — it’s like an oxytocin-ketamine — and I took one hit and I was freaking gone. Adios. My body was not the shape, my dog looked funny, I was like, ‘Danica, get it together.’ They call it a ‘K-Hole’ or something like that. Those can be pretty dark.”

Don’t know if Aaron Rodgers is or was into any K-Hole stuff, but, knowing Aaron, I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

Written by Zach Dean

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