Aaron Rodgers Surfaces In Costa Rica At Ayahuasca Tripping Balls Resort

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We can’t say with 100% certainty if noted tripping balls expert Aaron Rodgers went tripping balls last week, but we can report there are multiple people who claim they went on a journey with the quarterback, and his guru Aubrey Marcus, in the Costa Rican jungle.

In January, Rodgers told Pat McAfee that he wouldn’t be tripping balls before his big life decision on whether to accept a trade to another team or retire. “Perhaps after,” Rodgers told the show host of the possibility of dabbling in the psychedelic brew.

Well, now we can report that Rodgers seems to have holed up with friends last week at the Soltara Healing Center where people go to heal “in a safe and loving environment.” Noted healing guru and golfer Morgan Hoffman was there. Actor Mehcad Brooks was in the ayahuasca house. Instagram deep thinker guru Aubrey Marcus of Joe Rogan podcast fame was there with his protege Rodgers.

Even New York Jets quarterback Tim Boyle, who used to backup Rodgers in Green Bay was present. Some guy named Matías De Stefano, who hangs out with Rodgers’ alleged ex-girlfriend Blu of Earth was also in attendance.

At Soltara Healing Center’s Costa Rican resorts, travelers are promised multiple ayahuasca “ceremonies” and a “vomitivo” ritual where, as one Soltara customer describes it, guests take part in a “purging party” where they drink lemongrass until they vomit. There are also flower baths “consultations with healers,” yoga sessions and lots of meditation.

Aaron Rodgers and his crew ended up in Costa Rica at an ayahuasca resort. / Soltara Healing Center

Even if the Rodgers-Mr. Marcus group stayed for five nights, they would’ve had the option to trip balls for three straight nights for the low, low price of $4,000-$5,250. If the fellas stayed for seven nights, they could trip balls FOUR times in five days before eventually being sent back to the real world.

In a wild twist that is surely just a coincidence because they have a history as teammates, new Jets quarterback Tim Boyle was along for the ride. It’s unclear if he tripped balls, but he was 100% on the trip and seems to have done some self-reflection on life during his time in the jungle.

“🙏 Thank you @aubreymarcus & @aaronrodgers12 for taking me into this sacred circle. Thank you to the powerful Shipibo healers for their life commitment to the light. As Aubrey says, so will I “All in for all Life,” wrote Shawn Chester, a medicine man who now goes by The Native Guides,” wrote about his trip. Chester is known as one of Steve Wynn’s guys who was in charge of nightlife and opening Vegas clubs.

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