A Friend Of Josh Allen’s Girlfriend Brittany Williams Throws Shade At The Bills Quarterback From The Kentucky Derby

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The time between the NFL Draft and the start of training camp during the NFL offseason can be slow as far as league news is concerned. Sure there’s the rookie minicamps and free agent signings that will be sprinkled in.

There might even be a run-in with the law or two that takes place. But for the most part it’s pretty quiet when it comes to news that impacts on the field play. That’s where a good ol’ fashioned pop culture story involving a player and his significant other can fill in some of those gaps.

A Friend Of Josh Allen's Girlfriend Brittany Williams Throws Shade At The Bills Quarterback From The Kentucky Derby
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen walks the red carpet at the 149th running of the Kentucky Derby (Photo by Jeff Moreland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

This offseason’s off-the-field drama has been centered around Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. A couple of weeks ago the internet detectives noticed that Allen had been unfollowed on Instagram by his longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams.

There were some unconfirmed wild rumors that surfaced as well. This was then followed up by Williams celebrating her birthday with the girls while Allen was nowhere to be found.

Her friends appeared to have thrown some shade at the Bills quarterback as they added to the breakup rumors with a message on her birthday cake.

On Saturday, a friend of Williams appeared to confirm the rumors. Instead of a coded hashtag, her friend tagged Williams and wrote, “Now accepting husband applications” from the Kentucky Derby.

Brittany Williams’ Friends Are Ready For Her To Find A Replacement

Williams was with friends for at the Kentucky Derby. While Allen was also there, there’s no indication that the two ran into each other.

Allen was spotted either flying solo on Saturday or with some friends of his own.

Opening things up for husband applications is a whole lot different than what Williams was saying in September 2022. She was talking about how well things were going at the time.

“What me and Josh always say: ‘What’s understood doesn’t need to be explained.’ Like we understand what we have,” Williams said on The Morning After podcast.

“Everyone around us are going to say this, say that. When you’re married? When’s the baby coming? When have your baby, when’s the next baby coming? So we just always say that. We have a great thing going.”

Times have apparently changed. Dust off those husband resumes and send them in. As of right now it doesn’t appear as if Williams will be Allen’s suite next season.

That could always change and we’ll continue to monitor the situation as the season approaches.

Written by Sean Joseph

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