Newspaper Calls Dana White’s UFC Event Deadly, White Says ‘Go F*ck Yourself’

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The UFC allowed 15,000 fans to attend UFC 261 on Saturday. The media, particularly the Las Vegas Review-Journal, took issue with the decision, calling the event a danger during these COVID times.

The Las Vegas-Review Journal criticized the move, saying it’s “15,000 people willing to risk permanent damage or death to attend a live sporting event again.”

What are the chances someone could be “permanently damaged” from attending the event? The Las Vegas-Review Journal didn’t say. The chances were probably too low to make the cut in that column.

Most of our current sports leaders would see such a report and bow down, apologize, and change plans immediately. Dana White, however, is one of the few with a backbone, and he refused to apologize. In fact, he let the paper have it in an all-time rant. It starts at the 8:34 mark. Enjoy:



“I know that you all have arrogant smug fucking editors, pompous ass editors, who write your headlines for you sometimes, and you know, some of the other fake bullshit that goes in there. Fuck the Las Vegas Journal. Fuck them,” White said.

On Instagram, White did more crushing. Enjoy this, as well:

“Hey Las Vegas, this is our piece of sh*t local newspaper. Through this entire pandemic, we didn’t lay off a single employee. We worked with governmental agencies in Nevada and around the world to put on every event safely, and we chose to bring our biggest fight of the year with Conor McGregor back to town July 10th to help relaunch the city. Yet, this is how the Las Vegas Review Journal shows its support for a true local business. Go f*ck yourself LVRJ, and don’t bother coming to the fight in July.”

Woke social messaging is dampening interest in American sports, and the data proves it. Yet the UFC is growing rapidly. Any guesses as to why?

What a rant.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. His response to The LasVegasReview-Journal was in the best traditions of the National Sports Media Association’s National Sportswriter of the Year in three consecutive years — 2017, 2018 and 2019. Adrian Wojnarowski. Can Dana’s response be considered plagarism? Fuck it !!!

  2. Fucking A right, Dana. They try to trip you and snipe you from a safe position so I love seeing somebody punch them in the nose.

    Stop groveling to them. Do what you need to do and when the mob expects an apology, simply say “Fuck you” and walk off.

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