Gracie Hunt Apology, ABC Sex Culture, Bloody Ravens Hotel, Florida Man & Burgers With Andy Reid

Grab a drink and settle in, because this OutKick writer woke up Thursday morning and found himself under attack from the family of Gracie Hunt.

And just days before the Chiefs' Super Bowl! Talk about a prop bet I DID NOT see coming.

In case you missed it, I put Hunt under the microscope earlier this week over her claim that she ran a marathon in three hours and 45 minutes last July.

Couple things I took issue with ...

For starters, Gracie Hunt said it was her first marathon. She also said she signed up on a whim while on a hike with her mom, Tavia, and had zero prior training aside from running a half-marathon a few months back ... on a treadmill.

It all seemed a little fishy to me - especially after discovering that Gracie's time was basically a notch below "elite" in the female category - and I called foul. Just didn't add up for this skeptic.

And then, Tavia Hunt took took to Instagram with a smoking gun, threw a couple haymakers, stuffed me in a locker and called it a day.

Turns out, Chiefs Heiress Gracie Hunt is an elite marathon runner

Welp, there you have it. Look, I'm nothing if not a man of honor, and we're all about integrity here at Nightcaps.

If Carl Winslow from Family Matters taught me one thing growing up, it was to admit you're wrong when you're wrong, and I was wrong.

That's on me, Gracie. Perhaps it was because I get winded from peeling an orange and couldn't fathom someone basically rolling out of bed and finishing a marathon, but I don't want to make excuses.

But hey, it did lead to our first ever Nightcaps email! OutKick reader Greg was a fellow Gracie Hunt skeptic, and did some digging himself.

Regarding your story about her marathon claims - it looks like she completed the 2022 Boulderthon in a recorded time of 3:47:27, so a "3:45" claim isn't too far off. 

I thought maybe someone "borrowed" her bib for the race and turned in a time she couldn't have hit, but the pictures are there. The results say she ran a marathon that looks a lot like what you'd expect for someone who ran their first marathon without a ton of specific training. 

She went out too fast, blasted through the first half of the race, started slowing down after the halfway point, then hit the wall HARD around mile 20 and walked most of the last 6 miles or so.

Fair enough. I'm sorry, Gracie. Give 'em hell at the Boston Marathon in a few months.

Can't wait for our final Red Friday of the season!

ABC whistleblower says it's a 'culture of sex' over there

From someone with a ton of integrity to folks with apparently no moral compass at all, let's check in with our friends over at ABC ...

Evidently, it's mayhem over there!

In the wake of the bombshell affair between former GMA3 hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes, one former staffer spilled the beans this week on the dirty doings behind the scenes.

"ABC News’ squalid culture of sex, including sex involving some executives, has been a huge problem at the once-great institution for many years," the former senior employee told Fox News Digital. 

And if you don't believe one source, fine. That's fair. But how about two?

"It felt like everybody was sleeping around," another source told New York Magazine, adding that it felt like the network was staffed by "a bunch of horned-up high-school students." 

See, and people call OutKick raunchy.

Florida man pulls an all-time 'whoops' in robbery

Speaking of raunchy ...

Let's head down to the great, big, beautiful, warm, free state of Florida, where one guy was caught robbing a gas station after he ... left his debit card at the scene after fleeing.


I LOVE this state. Truly, we're the best. A special breed. Wouldn't leave for a million dollars, and I ain't lying.

Anyway, our man Lantz Kurtz robbed the store early Sunday morning, and deputies found his BOA card on the counter when they arrived. Surveillance video also showed Lantz entering the store from the back, taking multiple items and then unlocking the front door and leaving. 

Kurtz apparently then told deputies he left behind his debit card so he could go back to the business and pay for the items later.

Again, we're classy here at Nightcaps, so I respect that. Innocent until proven guilty!

"He must have really wanted those items to break into a closed convenience store to get them," the sheriff said in a statement. "Leaving a debit card behind does not absolve you from theft or committing a burglary." 

Good to know.

Lantz, by the way, looks like he's handling the prison time just fine.

Trent Dilfer reminded that he wasn't all that great

Enough of the sex and crime (for now), it's Super Bowl week! Let's talk some Trent Dilfer.

The ex-Ravens QB made waves this week when he channeled his inner Shania Twain and declared that Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers don't impress him much.

OutKick covered it beautifully here, but the clip is worth it's own space:

Okeedokee, Trent! Surely the internet doesn't have the receipts, right? I mean, you did play back in the age of dial-up, so they can't have any videos!


Jay Glazer stays in bloody Ravens hotel room

From one Ravens story to another!

Let's check in with FOX (great company!) NFL Insider Jay Glazer, who gave us a doozy of a training camp story from his time with the team back in 2000.

Apparently, he stayed in an absolute dump (looking at you, Super 8) with blood all over the walls like a scene out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Good rule of thumb I've always followed, and, frankly, it's pretty simple: Anytime I see blood on my hotel room walls, I am OUT.

Of course, I also don't have Sexy Rexy on speed dial, either, with a bunch of steak knives at the ready. So maybe that would change things?

Andy Reid has a wild cheeseburger take

Know what you don't need steak knives for? A cheeseburger.

And if you do cut your burger in half, you're in timeout until tomorrow's Nightcaps. Sorry, but that won't be tolerated here.

Anyway, how about this take from the King of Burgers, Andy Reid.


First of all, it starts with the BUN? Huh? Do people eat burgers for the buns? Am I doing it wrong? Don't get me wrong, it can't be a soggy disgusting mess, but other than that aren't they all kind of the same?

Pretzel buns are garbage, I'll give you that. But otherwise I don't really notice them.

Second of all ... no mustard? What are we doing here, Andy Reid? I'd take ketchup and mustard over mayo any day of the week and twice on Sundays. Feel like mustard is sort of a burger staple, no?

Wild stuff, but Andy knows best when it comes to burgers. That much is indisputable.

Doubt Big Red's running any marathons with Gracie Hunt any time soon, either.

Hangin' with Hayley

One last Super Bowl nod before we move on, and this one has to do with one Patrick Mahomes and a Valentines Day no-no.

Take it away, Hayley!

Vanderbilt frat bros go nuts after Tennessee buzzer-beater

All right, let's kick this sucker into high gear on our way out.

And, by the way, you oughta be on at least your third Busch Light at this point in the proceedings. I'll also accept Miller Light or cheap whiskey and Diet 7-Up. That's it, though.

So help me God if you're drinking an IPA.

Anyone see the Vandy-Tennessee game last night? Hell of an ending here, and even better response from the Vanderbilt frat house.

I don't like basketball, and I hate the NBA. I can deal with college basketball, though, especially this time of year and especially if we're getting this content.

March Madness is elite, and we're almost there.

Rocky Top!

Jon Rahm celebrated World No. 1 ranking by making a baby

Finally, before I let you go, let's check in with Jon Rahm as he reminisces about becoming the No. 1 golfer in the world.

Like I said, we're honest here at Nightcaps. And I appreciate that honesty.

And on that note, it's off to the grill. I have a couple Omaha Steaks defrosting that I'm about to take down so fast your head will spin.

PS: grilling is great, but do me a favor and put the oven at 300, sear those bad boys on one side for two minutes (on HIGH), flip 'em and throw them in the oven for nine minutes.

Let them rest for a few and then slice.

You're welcome.

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