Breckie Hill Fires Birthday Shot At Olivia Dunne, ‘Fat, Yappin’ Leafs Fan, Dan Twerks, Deer Rocks Runner

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Happy Earth Day to all those who celebrate here at OutKick! No? Crickets? That’s odd — I could’ve sworn we had some earth-dayers out there in the crowd. Oh well. Happy Birthday to Olivia Dunne nemesis, Breckie Hill! That catch anyone’s attention?

Thought so. We’ll get to that rivalry — complete with Breckie riding a Harley in next-to-nothing — in a bit.

But first, we’ve somehow completed yet another week of Nightcaps. Unreal. We’re about to outlast CNN+! Congrats to all. We’ve now surpassed the lowest bar in the history of mankind.

Whoa, where the hell did that come from? I didn’t even start this thing with the intention of taking shots at CNN, but I reckon it ain’t the worst tangent to go on.

Where where we? Oh yeah! Breckie Hill. She turned 20 this week and celebrated it by wearing barely anything next to a cake and possibly firing a couple shots at Olivia Dunne as she continues to catch her in what’s turned into an all-out influencer war.

Let’s see — should we start with that or OutKick’s own Dan Dakich shaking his ass on camera? Easy answer, right?

Dan, of course!

Sorry in advance. Just know you’ll get Breckie in a bit if you power through.

Dan Dakich loses the most unfortunate bet in the world

It’s 4 p.m. (or later) right now, so seeing this ain’t as jarring as, say, firing up the laptop and seeing it out of the gates before your morning coffee.

And if you think starting yesterday with an ill-timed 4:45 wakeup call was bad, I’d KILL for that after this little gem from OutKick host — and Indy Star favorite — Dan Dakich.

Good God. I can’t get past Dan allegedly doing a show completely naked a few years ago. What a visual.

Anyway, I had to twerk at a wedding last month when I was picked by the DJ for some dumb game, and I have to say — this ain’t half-bad here from Dan. I will say, it appears to be way more thrusting than twerking, but he is a guy, after all. Can’t blame him, there.

Love how he turns into Dick Vitale for a brief second out of nowhere, too. Didn’t see it coming, and neither did Dick, I’m sure.

It wasn’t quite Miley Cyrus in her twerking prime, but it’ll do.

For the love of God, Breckie, save us.

LSU superstar Olivia Dunne appears to fire back at Breckie Hill. (Credit: TikTok, Instagram)
Olivia Dunne appeared to fire back at Breckie Hill last week. (Credit: TikTok, Instagram)

Breckie Hill turns 20 and continues to gain on Olivia Dunne

OutKick has chronicled this war for a while now, and the shots are coming so fast and furious I can barely keep up.

Don’t forget, Breckie called Olivia Dunne a b*tch a few months ago, alleging that she’s actually a terrible person in real life.

Joe Kinsey himself even declared this race “neck-and-neck” last week based on Google trends, and Breckie herself cranked up the heat recently with a couple birthday candles.

Breckie Hill hits Mexico for her birthday

900K on my birthday.

Breckie’s follower count continues to skyrocket as she closes in on the 1 million mark, and the content is getting edgier by the week. Don’t think I didn’t notice the number on that bike, either.

Ain’t my first rodeo.

Anyway, looks like Breckie is all gas, no brakes right now — just two months after calling Dunne a b*tch. She appears to be enjoying her 20s down in Mexico, too, so buckle up for a couple of Earth Day heaters to come out this weekend.

How about this deer crushing a runner to dust?

Have a great time south of the border, Breckie! Let’s hope Livvy doesn’t snap while you’re gone and greet you like this at the terminal.

Watch out for the deer!

Holy cow — what a damn shot! Perfect hit here from the deer. They should be showing this clip in high school football film rooms across the country as spring practice cranks up.

Our man goes about five feet in the air while letting out the audible groan, and he’s out for the count. Done. No coming back from that. Frankly, he’s just lucky the second and third deer behind the first one didn’t follow suit. Could’ve been a bloodbath.

Fine, I’ll go ahead and make the obvious joke before moving on …

The buck stopped there.

I hate myself.

This cat is a UNIT!

Might as well stick with the animal theme before moving on …

How about this 40-pound feline named Patches in Virginia that was apparently adopted “within hours” earlier this week?

Patches the fat cat definitely does NOT look like Breckie Hill.

Nope — I didn’t photoshop that bad boy. Hell, I couldn’t if I wanted to. No idea how that works.

From Fox News (great company!):

A cat from Richmond, Virginia, weighing nearly 40 lbs. was adopted within just a few hours. 

The chunky cat was put on the scale and weighed almost 40 lbs. — something the shelter staff said they loved about him. 

Although Patches is large, he is not the biggest cat in the world. 

The fattest cat on record, according to Guinness World Records, was 10-year-old Himmy back in 1986 — who weighed roughly 46 lbs. 

What a tank! I hate cats — despise them. They are hands down the worst. BUT, I’d be OK with tubby (shoutout to Clay and Awful Announcing!) Patches here.

I’ve always said I don’t really want a pet, but I’d be cool with like a 13-year-old rescue dog who just sort of wants to drink beer and watch TV with me for the last year of his life.

That sounds doable.

PS: shoutout to Average Joes legend Patches O’Houlihan! “Queer Bait, go ahead!”

Phil Esposito gives us an all-timer

While we’re on the subject of being fat — let’s check in with Tampa Bay Lightning color man Phil Esposito!

Phil, all yours:

Annnnnnnnnd that’s the last we heard of Phil.

Hilarious, but there is ZERO way he survives this, right? Not in today’s world. Fat-shaming is basically as bad as murdering someone in 2023, so Phil is gonna have to … skate … around this one.

Fine, another bad joke. Here it is — he’s on thin ice.

Whatever. It’s a Friday.

Anyway, he’ll most likely be canceled before sundown. RIP Phil Esposito.

Definitely should apply to OutKick when the ink is dry. Seems like he’d work well here. Not sure he’d like Dan’s twerking, though.

Willie Nelson Fourth of July picnic, Russian bombs, more Florida fallout

You know what time it is … let’s empty the tank and head into the penultimate (great word) weekend of April on an empty stomach so the alcohol can really do it’s thing.

Speaking of the calendar, it’s almost time for Willie’s 50th Fourth of July picnic!

Holy cow — Willie Nelson, Tyler Childers AND Dwight Yoakam?! What a trio.

Knowing Willie, you better like Bud Light if you plan to attend — my guess is he is NOT part of the protest. Just a hunch given his political leanings.

And now that I mention politics, let’s check in with Mother Russia!

Yep. Turns out someone at Bombing HQ accidentally dropped a bomb on its own people when it was really intended for Ukraine. Not great!

From Newsmax:

When a powerful blast shook a Russian city near the border of Ukraine residents thought it was an Ukrainian attack. But the Russian military quickly acknowledged that it was a bomb accidentally dropped by one of its own warplanes.


You know who can definitely relate? Whoever the hell Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis fired yesterday.

Gooooooooooooood. That’s #MyGovernor.

This was featured prominently in yesterday’s Nightcaps, so I’d encourage everyone to go read that bad boy after the final bell rings here in a second.

I did get this email from ‘Florida Man’ Paul last night:

First time emailing nightcaps but I’m an avid reader. Love nightcaps and screencaps.

You are spot on about the stupid blunder made with that emergency test. The last time I heard it Hurricane Ian was bearing down on Naples/Ft Myers and the storm surge was rolling up 41. I was so fired up. What makes it worse is I get up around 3:30-4:00 just about every day. I was up, and had just fallen back asleep, that’s something I try do do but I’m not always successful, when that racket started happening.

Of course, every kid woke up, and it was like wrangling baby alligators trying to get them back in bed. They witnessed the storm surge from Ian and every time there’s an alert, or somebody even says something about a flood on tv they get all twisted up.

I get it completely. We lived through a tornado at our house a few years back, and it was the most terrifying 15 seconds of my life (yes, go ahead, make the sex joke).

Anyway, for the longest time I’d get serious PTSD whenever we had an afternoon thunderstorm here in Florida, which happens every single day from 2-4 p.m. between May and September.

That was a loooooooong year.

And on that cheery note, let’s all go out, drink some Yuengling and Miller Lite, and have ourselves one hell of a weekend.

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