AL MVP Aaron Judge Jokes That He’d Bid For the Prized 62nd HR Ball If He Had The Money For It

Newly crowned 2022 American League MVP Aaron Judge led a strong campaign for the honor after hitting an AL-record 62 home runs.

All eyes now veer toward the home-run record ball, caught by Yankees fan Cory Youmans, as it travels its way to the auction block. When asked if he’ll be making a bid for the piece of history, Judge said he’ll keep his name out of the buyer’s group until he signs his new contract.

Judge knocked the historic score on Oct. 4, facing the Texas Rangers’ Jesús Tinoco, to pass Roger Maris for the American League record.

As relayed by OutKick’s Mike Gunz, the record ball is estimated to go for upwards of $3 million. Youmans reportedly received instant offers for $2 million.

“That’s a lot of money,” Judge commented regarding the ball’s estimated worth. “But I guess he’s got a better plan or thinks he can get some more,” Judge said.

“He caught the ball, he’s the one that made the play out there in left field, so it’s his right to do what he wants with it. Hopefully he’s making the right decision for him and his family.”

Judge made a blatant nod to his looming free agency as he awaits a deal as historic as his homer.

“I haven’t signed my free agent deal yet, so I think that’s a little out of my price range right now,” he joked.

Goldin Co., the vendor responsible for selling Youman’s home run ball, expects this piece of MLB memorabilia to break its own records.

“The ball has the potential to become the highest-priced baseball ever sold,” Goldin told The New York Times. “Three million plus would be my estimate.”

The seller added, “It would not surprise me if the winning bidder either purchased it on behalf of Aaron Judge or possibly donates it to the Hall of Fame. I definitely think it’s one of those items that would garner that type of interest.

“There are certainly people that will make that argument and certain people who will say this is the all-time record,” Goldin added. “If that’s what they want to believe and it causes them to bid more, I’m all for it.”

Judge received the distinction of becoming the first Yankees outfielder since Mickey Mantle (1962) to win.

“It’s tough to put in words,” Judge told MLB Network after being named MVP. “It’s an incredible moment. A lot of hard work to get to this.”

Los Angeles Angels’ Shohei Ohtani played a hard bid for AL MVP but Judge’s 28 votes out of 30 for first place showcased the sheer dominance of the modern-day Yankees legend. Winning the NL MVP was St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Paul Goldschmidt.

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