Travis Kelce To Chiefs Fans: Don’t F’n Mess With The Rocky Statue

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Travis Kelce is warning Chiefs fans – don’t you dare mess with the Rocky statue.

“Chiefs [fans] do not touch the F***in Rocky memorial. Okay? Do not do that. Definitely do not put a number 87 on it!” Kelce exclaimed on The Philly Talk Podcast.


The famed boxing statue has recently become a fabled point of contention – even superstition now, and the Chiefs’ tight end doesn’t want anything to do with it.

Ahead of both Eagles’ playoff games this postseason, both Giants and San Francisco 49ers “fans” put their team’s jersey’s on the Rocky statue. It was seen as a troll move. A “blank” you to the Eagles.

It didn’t go well. Both teams are now golfing, or even worse, having to go to this weekend’s Pro Bowl.

And the Eagles? They’re heading to the Super Bowl in just over a week.


Travis Kelce wants no part in anyone messing with Rocky, although his brother Jason, who is the center for the Eagles is all for it. He’s even encouraging it.

“I am convinced that there is a Philadelphia Eagles fan who is putting these shirts on the Rocky statue just to get everybody all fired up. And it’s working. So keep doing it!,” Jason said.

Opposing teams and players have always been digging at each other ahead of big games. There’s no doubt about it, this isn’t some sort of new phenomenon that we are just seeing for the first time. Be it calling an opponent’s hotel room to wake them up early and mess with their sleep schedule, to spray-painting an opponent’s stadium, whatever it may be – the trolling has always been there.

But the rise of social media gives a literal microphone for people to take statements to a higher level. It always gives them the opportunity to look like fools.

Look no further than last week when the Cincinnati mayor claimed he would turn Arrowhead Stadium into ‘Burrowhead Stadium,’

Then there was Eli Apple ripping Stefon Diggs and telling him to “enjoy Cancun,” only for Apple to ALSO be eliminated from the postseason a week later.

These players and people look like idiots. You can talk all you want, but unless you win the Super Bowl, you’re just like everyone else. In the words of Ricky Bobby “if you aint first, you’re last,” and boy does that ring true when it comes to trolling.

Regardless, Travis Kelce doesn’t even want the Chiefs to be part of that conversation when it comes to the Rocky statue.

And he may have a good point.

When a suspected New England Patriots fan vandalized the statue ahead of Super Bowl LII, the Eagles won that game, too – 41-33.

Kelce doesn’t want the Chiefs to see a similar fate next weekend.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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