Kelce Parents Dilemma: 2 NFL Children Playing 2 Different Games, In 2 Different Cities Sunday

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It’s a situation that any parent with multiple children has. But on a much BIGGER level.

One kid has to be somewhere at one time, while the other also has to be somewhere at an entirely different location.

It’s in times like these when parents show how much of the superheroes they are. Juggling not only their own work to put food on the table, but giving their children the opportunities to explore and try out new things to see what they like.

But it doesn’t necessarily stop once the child gets their license and can drive themselves to an event or wherever they need to be.

It can continue into adulthood… just ask Jason and Travis Kelce’s parents.


The NFL star Kelce brothers will both be playing this weekend in NFL Conference Championship games. The only problem? Travis, who is a tight end for the Chiefs will be playing a home game in Kansas City, while Jason – who is a center for the Philadelphia Eagles will also be playing a home game in Philly.

So the big question is – which game will the Kelce parents be attending?

Donna and Ed said that they went to the Jaguars – Chiefs game last week to see Travis because that matchup had never happened before between the two teams. Tomorrow, they will head to Lincoln Financial Field to see Jason play as the Eagles host the San Francisco 49ers. A little bit of split love for the boys.

Donna Kelce with her Chiefs tight end son Travis. (Getty Images)


When both sons played in games during last year’s NFL playoffs, Donna was able to fly to both games due to the timing of the games. However, this year the Eagles game will wrap up just as the Chiefs are kicking off.

But what happens if both son’s teams win and they have to face each other at Super Bowl XXVII?

“Thank God they’re both on offense so it probably rules out any fistfights, ” said Ed.

“It’s your hopes and dreams coming true, but it’s your worse fears. Somebody is going to go home a loser and neither one of them lose very well.”

If both teams do win, it will be the fourth time that Jason and Travis have played each other in the NFL. Travis and the Chiefs have come up victorious every time.

Although mom and dad want to be at both games for their sons – let’s be honest, the fact that they even have this dilemma with not one, but two NFL family members, is definitely a good problem to have.

Written by Mike Gunzelman

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