Tom Brady Takes Frustration Out On NFL Tablet, Big Moment For Microsoft

If you saw the Buccaneers-Saints game on Sunday, one of the biggest takeaways (aside from all the takeaways) was that Tom Brady is not a happy camper these days.

Brady has always been a fiery competitor but as of late even more so. His apparent personal issues away from the field seem to be giving him a bit of a short fuse.

I mean, he’s only human. A rich, successful human, but a human nonetheless.

Brady laid into his offensive line at one point in the game and his chirping led to a bench-clearing brawl, but nothing felt his wrath quite like one of the team’s tablets.


Maybe the Bucs need to set up one of those rooms where Brady can go in there and get his frustrations out by smashing some old VCRs and some lightbulbs. They could put it inside one of those pop-up injury tents (there are many unexplored uses for those).

This isn’t even the first time he’s given the official tablets of the NFL the ol’ heave-ho.

That Microsoft Surface tablet took one for the team. If I were Microsoft I’d be trying to find out if that tablet withstood a spike from Brady. If it did, there’s your new ad campaign.

The Brady Spike Could Be The Biggest Thing To Happen To Surface Tablets

Surface tablets are found on all NFL sidelines thanks to a deal Microsoft has with the league.

Surface tablets are always mistaken for iPads, but never the other way around. We all know people who call any kind of tablet an iPad, even those weird ones that they sell in drugstores for some reason.

If that tablet withstood Brady’s rage, that’s what Microsoft should hang their hat on. Not its cameras, not its battery life, but the fact that it can withstand a GOAT tantrum.

Their ads should be like “Sure, iPads are intuitive and everything, but did you see Tom Brady huck Surface tablet into the Superdome turf? Yeah. Pretty cool, right”

They’d fly off the shelves. Fly.

I feel like if that was an iPad, someone would be making a Monday morning, a multi-hour trip to the Genius Bar.

Fortunately for Brady, the Bucs won the game, marking the first time they’ve beaten the Saints since Brady came to town.

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