The Best Reactions To Aaron Rodgers’ Con Air Look

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What an offseason it was for Aaron Rodgers who showed up today at Packers training camp looking like someone took Scott Stapp, Chad Kroeger, and Nic Cage in Con Air and morphed those three into the NFL’s back-to-back MVP.

Aaron Rodgers now owns a greaseball look, a new astrology tattoo and has a girlfriend who goes by Blu of Earth on Instagram where she rambles on at self-help retreats where people reconnect with the world one deep thought at a time.

And this is a year after Rodgers, 38, was so in love with activist actress Shailene Woodley that the QB revealed to the world during his MVP speech that he was engaged to a woman who’d never been to one of his football games.

Oh, and then less than two months after the MVP speech, Rodgers announced that his next big challenge would be becoming a parent with Woodley. They split up for good in the spring and Rodgers has moved on with Blu who came out to deny reports that she is a witch.

Frankly, I cannot believe all of that has happened over 16 months, but here we are with Rodgers’ latest social media adventure.

Buckle up. The NFL IS BACK & this content goldmine appears primed to have yet another massive season.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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