Aaron Rodgers’ Alleged New Girlfriend Blu of Earth Reacts To Witch Rumor

The case of Aaron Rodgers’ alleged new girlfriend Blu of Earth took a turn Thursday night when Blu fired up Instagram Story to clarify a couple of items that were reported when news broke of their relationship.

A tipster told Awesemo Side Action that Blu of Earth identified as a “witch” and also claimed, “she’s a medicine woman.”

In Thursday’s Instagram Story dump, Blu announced two things:

1. “Ps…My name is Blu(.) Not Blu of Earth (face palm emoji).”

2. “And I do NOT identify as a witch (crying emoji)(.) Y’all are hilarious.”

It’s rare to get an I’m not a witch denial — Delaware Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell famously had to clear the air about her witchcraft ways back in 2010 — so this is one of those moments where you stop and take notice of what’s going on here. This is big boy content stuff, folks.

Aaron Rodgers new girlfriend Blu of Earth
Aaron Rodgers is allegedly dating a woman who wishes to be called Blu / Instagram / Getty Images

One thing you’ll notice about those Instagram Story posts is that Blu, who identifies herself as an ‘Artist’ in her IG bio, doesn’t confirm, nor deny, that she’s dating the Packers legendary quarterback who definitely follows Blu on Instagram and has liked her posts.

A non-denial here tells us all we really need to know — there’s clearly something cooking between Blu and Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers girlfriend Blu of Earth says she's not a witch
Aaron Rodgers’ alleged new girlfriend Blu of Earth says her name is is Blu / Instagram Story

This would be quite a moment in the history of Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriends. He’s dated the likes of Olivia Munn, Danica Patrick and claims he was engaged to actress Shailene Woodley and was ready to have kids with Ms. Woodley.

Blu is quite different compared to Rodgers’ past relationships. She’s not famous — 79k Instagram followers. She is the co-founder of a “modern mystery school for women to reclaim the magical, radically authentic, wise, wild, unapologetic you” and dabbles in the world of podcasting and retreating into off-grid solo retreat caves to find herself.

This woman is deep into yoga, deep-thinking, body paint, the Earth, acoustic guitars, spirituality, and she’s even given a Ted Talk.

Aaron Rodgers new girflfriend Blu Instagram Story
Blu, who is allegedly in a relationship with Aaron Rodgers, responds to the allegation that she identifies as a witch / Instagram Story

There have been mysterious relationships in the NFL before, but what we’re seeing out of Blu and Aaron Rodgers is one for the ages.

When I’m at my computer too long I start to lose sight of my own creative magic. The most important thing to me is my creativity. I believe a lot of anxiety is due to unexpressed creative potential,” Blu wrote in 2021.

Aaron Rodgers new girlfriend Blu of Earth photos
Aaron Rodgers has reportedly moved on from girlfriend Shailene Woodley and is now dating a self-described medicine woman named Blu of Earth / Awesomo Side Action

“So I put everything down and decided to put a blu wig on and paint my eyebrows and lips blu with my @tribalmarkers and then draw all over myself on procreate – to create another piece of art – just for the sake of blurring the lines between life and art.”

Hell yeah, Blu! Let’s paint! Let’s get WEIRD. Let’s do drugs (spoiler: I don’t do drugs, maybe I should) and make this the craziest NFL season in the 15 years I’ve worked on the Internet.

Aaron Rodgers and Blu of Earth on a retreat / Instagram Story

Many readers have emailed (joekinsey@gmail.com) to ask ‘What is Aaron thinking?’

To them I respond that I’m 100% all-in on this relationship. There are plenty of Christian McCaffrey & Olivia Culpo relationships out there. I want some of this WEIRD. Give me the strange. I want strange.

So what if Blu did identify as a witch. I’m here for it. I want Blu right there inside Lambeau doing WEIRD dances after ARodg hits some no-name wide receiver for a touchdown. I want Rodgers dropping to his knees and pointing in the air to the spirits.

Give me every last drop of that content.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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