Steve Kerr Claims He Didn’t See Draymond Green Stomp Domantas Sabonis, Continues To Only See What He Wants To See

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Draymond Green stomped on Domantas Sabonis while he was lying on the floor and was ultimately ejected from Game 2 between the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings on Monday night. It was without question the biggest moment of the game, but Golden State head coach Steve Kerr claims he didn’t see it.

Every single person inside the arena had their attention turned toward Sabonis lying on the floor and Green jumping in the air acting as if he didn’t purposefully just stomp another grown man, except Kerr, of course.

After the Warriors’ loss, Kerr was asked about Green’s stomp and claimed he didn’t see what happened, nor did he see the replay that was undoubtedly shown in the arena.

“I didn’t see the play live, and then I didn’t see the replay,” Kerr said. “I asked [referee] Zach Zarba what happened, and he told me. I was busy with getting the team ready. One of the coaches told me that he might get ejected, and so, I was trying to prepare for what was next.”

Busy getting the team ready, that’s what we’re going with, Steve? It took you so long to find a replacement for Green on your bench that you couldn’t pay attention to the actual situation on the floor, one that involved one your players stepping on someone?

Kerr’s ability to see only what he wants to see is truly unbelievable.


He certainly seems to see news headlines that fit his political ideology and can take the time to speak about them. The issues in the United States warrant his time and effort, but China, the country his employer is in bed with doesn’t deserve any of his time.

In Steve Kerr’s mind, one of his players, and so-called leaders, stomping on a player deserves as much attention as human rights being wiped away in China: absolutely zero.

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  1. If you look at the replay, when Sabonis fell, he wrapped one of his arms around Greens ankle, that when Green tried to jump over him and couldn’t, he was triggered and responded in the typical Draymond fashion. It certainly didn’t deserve getting a full on stomp, but Draymond fell for a tactic that he himself would normally try.

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