Steph Curry Calls Donald Trump 'Threat,' Praises Colin Kaepernick In Softball Interview

During a very friendly series of interviews with Rolling Stone magazine, Steph Curry was given free rein to say whatever he wanted, unchallenged, to a receptive audience. His comments included calling Donald Trump's potential 2024 presidential bid a "threat" and praising Colin Kaepernick for creating "progress and change."

Someone named Matt Sullivan is the author of the piece, and he lets you know right away which direction this article is headed. The sub-headline reads, "The NBA superstar has changed the game of basketball for the better. Now, can he help change America?"

This is the kind of good, unbiased journalism that our country needs more of. In case it wasn't clear enough which way Sullivan leans, he calls Herschel Walker an "ex-NFL running back turned extreme Trumpian troll running for Senate in Georgia."

But, we're not here to talk about Sullivan. We're here to discuss the pearls of wisdom passed along by one of the great thinkers of our time: NBA player Steph Curry. Remember, Curry once said that he gets information from Shaun King.

"I’m never going to be the guy thats out front and center," Curry said in 2017. "But conversations that I’ve had with guys like Shaun King…understand what’s going on and the temperature going around and I’m plugged in the way I need to be."

If you don't know who Shaun King is, kudos to you. You're living a better life than me. He's your typical race-hustler and grifter who profits off of perceived racism.

With that backdrop in mind, we get to Curry's comments from this piece.

Some of the highlights:

"Take Trump seriously? Of course," Curry told the magazine. "Most of his rhetoric — before he was president, during his four years, and even now, if he tries to run again — has a tone of divisiveness that doesn’t have a place in our country. As serious and loud as the threat is of him or whoever else is running for office, there’s a similar urgency and a loudness that’s necessary on the other side."

Steph Curry Sounds Misinformed, To Say The Least

Yes, the left definitely needs loudness. They certainly don't have any of that. People like AOC, Nancy Pelosi, and Kamala Harris usually keep their opinions to themselves. And they certainly aren't amplified by the media. This is where I would insert the eye roll emoji, by the way.

Curry blasts Trump for a "tone of divisiveness" while propping up the aforementioned Shaun King and fellow NBA player, LeBron James. James, you'll recall, once called Trump "a bum" on Twitter, a post Curry shared to his followers. Those are definitely the types of people trying to unite the country.

Just like Curry, who when asked about comments by Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank -- who called Trump an "asset" to the country in 2017 -- said that Plank was correct if you remove the "-et" from "asset." Yes, calling the President of the United States an ass apparently counts as healthy rhetoric and smart dialogue.

Curry endorsed Joe Biden for President in 2020. Biden promised to unite the country, like Curry allegedly wants. There's no need to delve into all of the divisive rhetoric of Biden because the image of his speech in early September says more than we ever could.

Colin Kaepernick Enters The Discussion

Because any conversation about "social justice" has to involve Colin Kaepernick -- or in the case of ESPN, any conversation -- Curry discussed him, as well.

"All the ways that they want to nitpick what Colin’s done, from the time he kneeled to now, you can’t tell me that there hasn’t been progress and change and a renewed sense of accountability amongst a lot of athletes, like, ‘Which side of the fence are you on? Are you doing something or not?'" Curry told the magazine.

He's right about one thing: it definitely made athletes speak out on issues on which they are not experts or particularly knowledgeable. It's been great for the NBA's TV ratings. If you consider losing a huge chunk of the audience great.

According to Curry, Kaepernick has had a positive impact on race relations in the United States. Ask yourself, are we better or worse in that department since Kaepernick's protest? If the answer is worse, then how exactly did he help? If the answer is better, then I want to live where you live. It's likely outside of reality.

Where is the Pushback from the So-Called "Journalists"?

Of course, Sullivan neglected to ask Curry's opinion on China. Why would he? That's a tricky subject for Curry, who relies on the country for his shoe production and revenue dollars.

Sullivan did ask Steph Curry about abortion, though, since Curry is a devout Christian who has implied he doesn't agree with abortion.

"I have certain beliefs that not everybody vibes with. As long as there’s equality, in the sense of you having all your protections and your rights as a citizen, that should be the very low bar for everybody to adhere to," Curry told him.

That was it. One platitude sentence. No follow up. No further discussion. On the one issue where Curry likely has an opinion that goes against the left-wing, it's left there. Asked about Trump, Kaepernick and gun control, the man was a faucet turned all the way on. On abortion, he gets a single drip and turns it off.

While Curry's comments and the comments of his head coach, Steve Kerr, are often ridiculous and deserving of criticism, there is a bigger issue at play here. These "journalists" have a duty to cover without bias and to press these sports figures on their statements.

But, they don't. Why? Because they agree with them. They will go as far as to protect them if there is a single issue, like abortion, that goes outside the accepted left-wing orthodoxy. As long they're on board for everything else -- especially on the "evils" of Donald Trump -- they remain in the protected class.

We're in a very sad state of American media and journalism. The continued proliferation of these puff pieces does nothing to curb to the decline.

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