Patrick Mahomes Is Busy, But Not Too Busy For Dinner With The Fonz

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Patrick Mahomes is a busy dude, what with being a 2-time Super Bowl champ, but you can’t tell me that there isn’t enough space on his calendar to pencil in a nice stuffed-chicken breast dinner with Arthur Fonzarelli himself, Henry Winkler.

In case you didn’t know, there’s a blossoming romance between the nicest man in Hollywood and the man in Kansas City with the most insufferable brother. It started with some Rich Eisen-mediated niceties and reached its peak with a pregame summit before a Chargers and Chiefs game in Los Angeles last season.

That led to a dinner invitation to Mahomes for an evening at Casa de Fonz. On the menu: a main course of spinach and ricotta-stuffed chicken breasts.

TMZ Sports caught up with Winker, who said that despite it being nearly three weeks since Mahomes hoisted the Lombardi Trophy, their dinner has yet to happen.

“Patrick,” Winkler said, “I really hope you take me up on my offer and come over to my house for dinner.”

Mahomes Standing Up The Fonz Is Very Uncool

Winkler didn’t seem so upset about Mahomes having not made their dinner a priority. Like he said Mahomes has kids and whatnot. Whatever, I guess that takes up some time.

Still, you can’t tell me there weren’t a few hours to spare after hitting Disneyland.

Sacrifice a turkey leg and another ride on the Matterhorn to dine with one of the most iconic actors in TV history. His jacket is in the friggin’ Smithsonian!

It seems I’m more annoyed by this than consummate gentleman Henry Winkler. He didn’t show an ounce of annoyance. All he did was praise the Chief’s Super Bowl performance.

“What a game! What a bunch of human beings that team is,” Winkler said as he crossed a busy street at LAX.

Winkler gave major props to the way Mahomes plays the game “with joy,” and said the dinner offer still stands.

He also said that Brittany Mahomes is invited as well (although he may come to regret that).

Maybe for a 27-year-old NFL star having dinner with a guy who was on a show his parent watched growing up isn’t a priority. But getting an invite like that is akin to getting invited to a state dinner.

It’s probably even more of an honor. Did I mention his jacket is in the Smithsonian?

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